Dr Sivamohan – KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital

Because Pantai Bangsar is around 30 minutes away from home and just in case my labour progresses faster than expected, Hubby and I decided that it’s wiser to find a gynae nearer to where we live. And so, we started shopping for a doctor who is based in Petaling Jaya area, believes in natural and gentle birth, and is receptive to birth plans. I was considering a very friendly female gynae in Tropicana Medical Centre but upon hearing that she gives out free samples of pregnancy milk powder to her patients (gawwddd….the sugar levels in those milk are super high and unhealthy!) and endorses Avent bottles (not a big fan of Avent due to something I have learned about the brand while working in Babytalk), I took a step back.

Then, I was led to Dr Sivamohan from Damansara Specialist Hospital. An acquaintance recently had a very beautiful birth under his care and upon checking further with her, this pro-natural mom only had good things to say about him. “Kind, supportive and definitely not into money making practice” were her exact words.

On Wednesday morning, the ‘kiasu’ me made my way to DSH early in the morning, hoping to be the first in line. When I reached there at 8.20am, there was already another lady in front of me. Dang, mission failed! By 9.30am, there were already nine patients in queue but no doctor in sight…until 10am. Oh, a lovely good morning to you, doctor!

Contrary to what I have imagined – a serious, no nonsense doctor – he was otherwise. As soon as I walked in, he gave me a big smile and a chirpy “Hello!”. He looked like in his early 60s, square face, approachable (despite the Dato’ title) and seemed very experienced. He started off by asking me an array of questions. “How old are you?”, “First pregnancy?”, “How old is your first child now?”, “How and where was he born?”, How long did you breastfeed?”, “Are you working?”, “Which hospital did you go to prior to coming here?” etc. The questions got stranger and stranger until I had to stop him when he asked, “Is your period regular?”

Astonished, I replied: “Doctor, I’m pregnant!” and was about to lift up my top and show him my bump >_<

He laughed and said, “Yes yes I know that! Just getting to know you better” Phewwww! For a while, I thought my bump really looked THAT small.

We proceeded to the recliner for an ultrasound scan. I haven’t seen mm on the screen for more than two months and was very excited. Dr Siva took my blood pressure while lying down and gave the thumbs up after that. He was gentle in cursoring the transducer and explained mm’s body parts as he moved along. mm is still lying in her favourite position – sideways with head on my left, facing downward but this time around, her legs are slightly closer to my rib cage, which explains the energy-packed kicks. Let’s hope she will settle into the optimal LOA (left occiput anterior) position soon!

Beautiful, sturdy heartbeats; little squirming fingers and toes; active, healthy and kicking – she’s already perfect in my eyes even on ultrasound! Feeling cheeky, I answered “Not sure” when Dr Siva asked if I already knew the gender – just to test how good he is! He moved the transducer to the other side and within two seconds, he said, “It’s a girl. See this line (clitoris) here? A baby boy doesn’t have that.” I’m impressed.

Among other things mentioned include mm is a little bit on the smaller side and will probably be less than 3kg at birth but there’s nothing to worry about as my blood pressure and placenta are both fine. Other than that, “Very good pregnancy!” he commented.

And oh, no print-out of ultrasound scan is provided. The total damage to my wallet? RM100 for consultation and RM100 for ultrasound scan. There’s also a one-time registration fee of RM15 for new patients in DSH.

Should I eat more so that mm will grow bigger? He asked to continue eating like I always do. Before I left, I asked if he’s receptive to birth plans. He looked up, seemed very interested and said, “Yes of course! Just bring it over during your next appointment and we can discuss further.” Only thing that left a bad taste in my mouth was when he remarked, “If you want any pain reliefs, we can talk about it too.”

Okay let’s see how he reacts when I present my grand birth plan next. What do you think? Will his jaws drop or will he nod in agreement? šŸ™‚

All in all, I feel happy and relaxed after seeing him. Now, that’s the kind of doctor we should have more around – assuring, easy going and positive. Instead of threatening, scaring and injecting unnecessary fear and worries into expectant moms.

We will be alternating our future check-ups between him and Dr Choong – so let’s see what transpires eventually šŸ˜€


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