Belly mapping – it’s fun!

As we all know, a baby’s position in the womb influences the course of labour. The most optimal position for an easier and smoother birthing is left anterior occiput (LOA), with hands on the heart and chin tucked in. As our big day draws near, mm and I have been working towards achieving this through visualisation, chiropractic, yoga, good posture and occasional inversion exercise.

Recently, I tried out the belly mapping method via the Spinning Babies website. It’s really easy and fun, and best of all, allows me to further connect with mm and be in tune with her habits as well as my own body.

The belly mapping can be done during the last two months of pregnancy:

Step 1 – Draw a circle and divide it into 4 pies. Label top, bottom, left (your right) and right (your left) like in mirror image. Then observe and jot down the areas where you feel the big kicks, small kicks, wiggles and hiccups. Also note the area where it usually bulges and the location where your doctor last heard the heartbeat (if you remember). If you know where baby’s head is, circle it.

It doesn’t have to be extremely accurate; just follow your gut instincts and predict away / agak-agak lah.

Step 2 – Use a doll/teddy bear with bendable arms/legs and using these signs, visualise your baby’s position. Match the toy to the mapped areas.

Step 3 – Name the position by referring to this chart below:

Sourced from Spinning Babies website

For a detailed explanation on belly mapping, click here.

Throughout the 2.5 hours of observation and feeling her (in the office!), she cooperatively wiggled, kicked and hiccuped as though knowing I was ‘watching’ her 🙂 I assumed her head is facing downwards as I feel an intense pressure on my bladder whenever I need to urinate, but I could be wrong.

Here’s the outcome of my mapping attempt:

At 31 weeks, mm is predicted to be lying in ROA position

Quite a promising position for a start! Let’s see if my prediction is accurate in three weeks’ time, unless she changes her position before that 😀


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