BIP: w30 – w32

BIP = Baby in progress

Week 30
► Had a simple celebration of our 5th marriage anniversary at Dragon-i, followed by two slices of Absolute Chocolate cake from Secret Recipe. E loved it!

► Our birth goal board is finally ready! Next to work on is a letter to mm.

► E has been such a darling brother to mm so far. Frequently, he will pat, kiss and sing to my tummy – all without being prompted. And whenever we talk about our recent holiday, he would say, “Next time we bring mei mei to the farm okay?” Awww ♥

► Diligently sits and gyrates on the fit ball almost every night – it really helps with backache.

Week 31
► Received some stylish baby girl clothes from Nancy, all the way from Indonesia! mm is so going to look like a fashionista in these! Thanks so much, Aunty Nancy 🙂

► First trimester seems to be revisiting me. I’m feeling nauseous, moody and tired all over again. Why laaaaaaaaaaa?

► Bought the popular-among-homebirthers Toys r Us pool for me to labour in at home for as long as possible before proceeding to the hospital. Thanks Tina, for accompanying me.

Testing 1, 2, 3…to make sure there’s no leak and estimate amount of water to fill up on D-day

► Had a farewell lunch cum baby shower organised by my ex colleagues. mm is very well-stocked now!

With my former colleagues from Deloitte on my last day of work. Thanks guys, for the lovely lunch and presents!

Week 32

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2012!

► Quizzed Hubby: “How far along is my pregnancy?” Lo and behold, he got all three guesses wrong! He said, “34 weeks”, “31 weeks” and “Luckily I didn’t say 28 weeks” Oh my, oh me! *bangs head* Luckily he made me chicken essence to drink…

► Why is it that when you’re carrying a girl, you seem to lose your femininity? I sweat buckets ALL THE TIME, sit like a trishaw peddler and smell permanently like a marathon runner. So not chic, man.

► Evie gave mm a romper/skirt suit too!

Romper-skirt suit from Aunty Evie. I bought the sporty romper (right) from Cotton On for RM15 only!

► Since I’m staying home already, I get to incorporate both my pre-natal yoga and swimming regimen every week. It feels really good to stay fit during pregnancy!

► Weight to date: 56.5kg – that’s 10kg up from my pre-pregnancy weight and I have 7-8 more weeks to go *shudders* With E, I gained a total of 10kg only at 39 weeks! mm is definitely bigger than her brother as I could often feel her touching my rib cage and pelvic bone simultaneously whenever she stretches.

► Hunt for the birthing skirt begins! While there’s nothing discreet about giving birth, part of me feels that I will be more relaxed if my modesty is covered instead of being half naked all the time. Surprisingly, the search was easier than expected – I found the perfect “skirt” (after only two attempts) at Evie’s boutique. It’s a long tube top (RM20) that is so stretchable it can be pulled down to my hippo hips to make-shift as a skirt! And Christina has yet again accompanied her crazy friend for this hunt 🙂


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