Birth plan

It’s ready – our birth plan that is! The earlier you present your birth plan to your doctor, the better it is so that further discussion/negotiation can take place if required. Here’s to share my birth plan which I manage to put into 1 page. If you need a soft copy, feel free to buzz me.


Name: XX
Doctor: Dr XXX
Paediatrician: Dr XXX

We have chosen the HypnoBirthing method of quiet, relaxed and natural waterbirth. Below is our Birth Plan. We understand that these choices presume a normal pregnancy and birth. Should there be a medical emergency, we will give our full cooperation after we have had an opportunity for an explanation of the medical need. We wish to have clear and adequate explanations of all procedures, of the progress of labor as it is accessed, and of any possible complications if they occur.

During 1st Stage Labor

• Quiet room, dimmed lights
• Drawn drapes/closed door at all times
• Play own music tapes
• Allow to take photos and videos of birth
• Mother wears own gown

• Change positions for comfort & progress in labor
• Freedom to walk & move in and out of pool
• Fluids & light food if labor is prolonged

• No continuous EFM unless medically necessary

• No suggestion of anesthetic/analgesics unless requested

• Natural oxytocin stimulation – nipple stimulation – and to be accorded the uninterrupted privacy to do so
• No Pitocin/amniotomy without discussion.
• To be fully apprised and consulted before introduction of any medical procedure

• Minimal – to avoid premature release of membranes

During 2nd Stage Labor

• Gentle encouragement during final pushing stage without loud “pushing” prompts

• Pressure episiotomy if necessary
• Local anesthesia for repair of tears/episiotomy

• To allow natural birthing instincts to facilitate the descent of the baby, as much as possible, with mother-directed breathing down until crowning takes place
• Use of HypnoBirthing breathing techniques without staff prompts¬
• To assume a birthing position of choice that will least likely require an episiotomy
• Use of suction device rather than forceps if medically necessary
• Wait until cord stops pulsating. Father will cut the cord
• Immediate skin-to-skin contact, with baby on mother’s stomach. No wrapping of baby
• No bulb suction unless medically necessary

• Spontaneous or encouraged with breast stimulation and nursing baby
• Allow up to 30 minutes if necessary for natural placenta delivery
• No cord traction, Pitocin or manual removal of placenta unless there is evidence of excessive postpartum bleeding

• Bright lights temporarily removed during birth & until baby is moved to mother’s chest
• Air-con to be temporarily turned down / switched off
• Allow vernix to be absorbed into baby’s skin; delay cleaning/rubbing
• Baby to remain with mother & father for the 1st hour after birth.
• Baby to be weighed and tagged in labour room.
• Breastfeeding only. No bottle, formula, pacifier.
• Delay use of Erythromycin or other salve for baby’s eyes to allow optimal sight for bonding
• Oral Vitamin K to be used if it is available; if not, delay injection until after baby is acclimated

We thank you in advance for your support & kind attention to our choices. We know you join us in looking forward to a beautiful birth.

Doctor’s Signature

Paediatrician’s Signature


5 thoughts on “Birth plan

  1. Sorry for my ignorance, but what’s the difference between a doctor and pediatrician during labor? What about gynecologist? *confused*

    If I’m pregnant, who should I go to for my first check-up or confirmation? I think I need a guide. 😀

    1. joeyllhow

      Hehehe Joyce, you’re so funny la 😀

      Doctor is mommy’s doctor – meaning gynaecologist/obstetrician. They take care of expecting moms throughout pregnancy. A paediatrician is a baby’s doctor who will attend to the baby when he/she is born.

      Once you test positive for pregnancy through home pregnancy test kit, you visit a gynaecologist/obstetrician. And if you’re comfortable with that doctor, you can continue seeing him/her until you give birth where he/she will receive your baby.

  2. Powlee How

    I didn’t know baby can be delivered this way until I read this blog. Looking at all this homeworks that you prepared, I’m really really IMPRESSED! lucky baby =))

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