Project Runway a la S&J style

So E’s nursery suddenly dropped the bomb on us last week that there will be a parent-teacher gathering in a couple of weeks’ time. Nevermind that since we usually attend the event to find out E’s progress there. BUT not when we are supposed to come up with a Prince costume for E – in less than a week’s time – so that the daycare people can photograph him and display the photos during the event!

I took it lightly until I saw parents bringing in costumes on Monday. Oh gawwwwwd, they took it THIS seriously? “So what happens if the child doesn’t have a costume?” I asked the nursery principal. “Then he/she will just wear plain clothes and be photographed.”

What?! So pitiful!

Panic attack and kiasu radar set in. Texted Hubby right away: “We’ve got a project tonight – make E a prince costume!” His reply? “OMG!”

Thank goodness I had a pre-planned lunch date with my ex-partner in crime, Michelle, on that day. She’s really good with stuff like that. With her help, we went to Daiso and grabbed the essentials for DIY-ing a royal cape and crown within 10 minutes.

That night, Hubby and I got to work. I did the planning, he the sewing (on the pretence that pregnant women cannot sew mah…pantang, hehehe!). I bet we will make a good team in Project Runway yo!

Most items were bought from Daiso while some from Popular. Total damage: RM35
Cutting the felt cloth into size
My engineer man can sew! Can yours? 🙂
While we got busy, E entertained himself with threads

And the end result…

Our prince charming

What say you? Okay, the heart-shape pendant is a little senget but Hubs has already fixed that. The puffiness on the shoulders is kind of intentional to make E look a bit more mighty. He’s a prince, after all, right?

I think Michelle will be proud of us! We had a hard time putting the cape on E though as he thought it was too funny to be worn. The photo above was snapped just seconds before he protested (and almost tore it off). Luckily, he likes the crown. Good luck to the teachers who will be pacifying him to wear it 🙂


10 thoughts on “Project Runway a la S&J style

  1. You guys did an awesome job! That is a spankin’ HOT prince costume!
    Hey, btw, I thought pregnant women are only not allowed to sew whilst sitting on the bed? If you are sewing anywhere else, it’s okay, no?

    1. joeyllhow

      Thank you, thank you! Can qualify for the real Project Runway or not? ;p

      Yes, some Chinese believe that pregnant women are not supposed to sew whilst sitting on the bed. But I don’t pantang anything at all; find them invalid and unsubstantiated at times plus it’s easier to raise a baby that’s easy-going with anything and everything. That was just my lame excuse to escape the sewing task, hehehe!

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