REVIEW: Bangsar Chiropractic

Entering the second trimester of my pregnancy, I began to experience the nagging backache. During my first pregnancy, I didn’t have this as I was very much active and walking around all day long but with mm, my lifestyle wass pretty much sedentary sitting in front of the computer most of the time. The backache got so bad my sleep was often affected.

The only thing that gave me some form of relief was yoga but it was always temporary; the pain would be back the next day. So after consulting some friends, I decided to seek chiropractic treatment. Bangsar Chiropractic came highly recommended by 3 mom friends who had the same problem during their pregnancies. One of them now brings her 4-month old baby to the chiropractor occasionally for adjustment, especially when her baby is colicky or has sleeping difficulties. Even babies who are slow in crawling have been said to benefit from chiropractic.

Do you imagine the act of bones cracking and neck twisting when you visualise a chiropractor? It’s nowhere near there and is actually very gentle, using soft adjusting techniques to correct the root of problems. It is non-drug based, with treatments include manual therapy, lifestyle counselling and exercise suggestions. Anyone, include babies to elderly, as well as animals with spines, can benefit from chiropractic.

The first consultation and treatment took a bit longer as I had to complete a long questionnaire regarding my lifestyle and concerns. I was treated by Dr Twink, who got me to lie down on my stomach and gently pressed my spine while I consciously breathed in and out. Don’t worry, they have a special modifiable bed that allows pregnant ladies to lie down without squashing their stomachs. I was diagnosed with a misaligned pelvis, as a result from incorrect posture. She then used an adjusting tool that made a sound akin to stapling, to correct my back. I was asked to turn over after that, where she applied gentle pressure around my womb. This apparently helps with heartburn. It was pain-free, very easy to accept and was over in 20 minutes. Do not expect a relaxing, massage-like experience though.

The chiropractic adjustment tool

I didn’t feel much difference after the first treatment but diligently followed her advice to:

1. Correct my posture – No slouching. Stand up and sit straight, with aligned back and belly sticking out but no arching
2. Drink lots of fluids – 1 litre for every 24kg of body weight; meaning I have to drink around 2.3 litres daily
3. Use fit ball – You won’t spot a wrong posture when you sit on a fit ball because if you do, you will topple over
4. Continue my yoga exercise
5. Magnesium spray – Squirt some magnesium oil on my back after shower

I have gone for 5 sessions so far, with the second one conducted by Dr Twink and subsequent ones by Dr Dansen. I prefer the latter as he’s a lot more thorough, and takes the time to properly feel and correct my spine wherever required. I actually feel a vast, energetic difference after being treated by him. Because I sleep on my left side and work on a computer a lot, he kindly demonstrated the correct ways to sleep and sit comfortably without causing tension/soreness to my back and shoulders.

So what’s the adjusting tool for and is it effective considering the pressure inflicted is so gentle?

Dr Dansen explained:

“The tool is used to adjust the muscles, nerves and bones. The intensity can be modified depending on the severity of condition. If severe, you will notice me tapping an area many times, at high speed, thus increasing the impact.”

One thing for sure, I feel thirsty and burpy after each treatment. To date, I am pleased to share that my backache is gone for good and with constant adherence to the recommended tips, I can feel that mm has more space to move around now. Of late, I think she has turned head down too (judging from the constant kicks felt around my rib cage area). *woot*

► First consultation and treatment: RM200
► Subsequent treatments: RM100
► Magnesium spray: RM50
► Penalty for late rescheduling, unannounced cancellation, no-show: RM50

Expensive indeed but I’d rather compromise my wallet than health.

Having said that, I’m thinking to start instilling a passion for the chiropractic field in E, hehe! Want to be a doctor? Sure, go ahead and be a chiropractor! With the booming rate of mobile devices, our lifestyles are getting more sedentary and many people would prefer a natural alternative and need such a treatment in the future! 🙂


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