On cloud nine

I’m feeling high today because…

#1 Saw mm on the ultrasound. She currently weighs around 2.2kg and everything looks great. The best part is, she has turned head down for the left occiput anterior position! That’s my girl!

mm at 34 weeks

#2 As Hubby couldn’t make it for the appointment today, Christina accompanied me and saw mm on the screen. We had a yummy lunch and good chat at Fit For 2 after that. Thanks babe! You’re the best birth companion anyone can ask for!

#3 Dr Choong signed my birth plan with no questions asked! I was also given the admission letter, which further excites me because that means we are closer to meeting mm now 🙂

Agreed & signed!

#4 Had a preview of the photos from our maternity portraiture session. Satisfied with what I saw so far. Will share more once the photographer gives me the full set 🙂

And three makes four

7 thoughts on “On cloud nine

  1. Christina

    I feel sooo blessed and honoured to witness what i saw.. i’m so excited and looking forward to welcome the little one 🙂

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