Letter to baby

7 September 2012

My dear precious baby,

It has been 28 weeks since you were conceived and started growing strong and healthy in Mommy’s womb. You came at a time when Mommy was calm, contented and simply grateful for everything in life. This is the environment that you have chosen. This is YOU and we will try our very best to continue honouring such a life to you now, during your birth and in years to come.

Thank you so much for choosing me as your mother and giving us the privilege to experience the joy of raising you. We are very thankful to be blessed with you. This week marks our third trimester, which means Mommy, Daddy and Kor Kor get to see you in less than three months’ time! We are so excited and can’t wait for your arrival.

Mommy has been so proud growing you in my belly for the past months, feeling your movements, flutters and strong kicks. You are such a good and happy baby – playing and entertaining Mommy when it’s quiet out here and being accommodating when Mommy is unwell, busy or attending to something important. Thank you so much for your kind understanding, support and love for me, regardless of my ups and downs. Thank you for being strong and healthy all the time, well and happy everyday.

You can look forward to a calm and peaceful birth on your D-day, where you will meet Mommy, Daddy, and Kor Kor once you make your grand entry. When you emerge, you will be embraced in much love, joy and familiarity.

We are focused on a smooth, easy birth. Mommy trust that you will know what to do. My body will work with you in harmony. On your chosen auspicious day – when you are 100% ready to meet us all – you will give Mommy’s body a sign to jump-start your journey through the birth path. We will listen and surrender to the relaxing effects of the Birth Affirmation and Rainbow Relaxation tracks together. Mommy will let go and allow you and my body to work the wonders.

You will then ease downwards smoothly and easily, where Mommy will meet each surge with long, deep breath and continue to give you the comforting oxygen and love. Breathe in life force, breathe out tension. We will be a strong, united team; we will stay calm and confident throughout. We will remain serene and relaxed at all times. We will visualize calming images of blossoming flower and balloons together. Each surge will bring you closer to Mommy. And as the beneficial surges gently nudge and massage you down the birth path, you will continue to motivate Mommy through kicks and movements. Mommy will find comfortable positions for both you and me as we move along. You will smile in happiness and excitement as you make your way to see us – your family.

As you emerge, Mommy’s cervix will unfold gently like rose petals. You will find a fit and position that will help you with the easiest exit as Mommy breathes you out. Mommy will carry out the ‘J’ breathing now – short breath in, deep breath out as you rotate, emerge into the pool of warm water. As you are lifted into the air, you will take your first breath and be put on Mommy’s skin. We will welcome you with pride and joy!

Welcome to the world, baby. Happy birthday to you.

As we prepare for the big day together, you will remember to turn downwards and lock in the left occiput anterior position with hands on the heart and chin tucked in. You will continue to grow stronger and healthier with days.

Mommy can’t wait to cuddle you in my arms, Baby. To see my beautiful, gorgeous baby girl.

We love you to the stars and back. We love you before we knew you, we love you yesterday, we love you now, we love you tomorrow and for many more years to come.

In birth, love and life we have faith.

Oceans of love,


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