My pregnancy portraiture by AzmirKhalid Photography

By AzmirKhalid Photography

Hot off the oven! Here’s the rather complete set of my pregnancy photos, taken at 34 weeks at our home sweet home. Okay, I am not sharing ALL 25 final photos that Azmir gave me (but definitely more than what I have uploaded in my Facebook) because some really didn’t make Joey’s quality control because…I look constipated! 🙂

We signed up for Azmir’s Buy 1 Free 1 – Package A (RM600) comprising:

– 1 session of pregnancy portraiture
– 1 session of newborn photoshoot
– 1 hour shoot each
– Usage of photography equipment
– 10-20 high resolution edited photos for each session

We are happy with Azmir’s prompt service and work so far. Prior to the shoot, I did my homework, searched Pinterest for compilations of great maternity shots and shared them with Azmir on that day. He was not only accommodating and adventurous, but also tried his best to produce the desired effects. He was receptive to trying out new things, spent over two hours at our house and gave us the edited photos within the time frame promised. The only downside is, it would be better if he’s a little more assertive in correcting poses/postures/imperfections and making his clients smile naturally. Striking a balance, that is! 😀

Our favourite of all!

This looks weird as it was supposed to portray the “Ready to pop!” concept but Hubby blew the balloon a little too big. Perhaps chewing gum would be a better bet!

What do you think?

I’m looking forward to the newborn shoot, scheduled a week after mm arrives!


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