BIP: w33 – w37

BIP = Baby In Progress

Week 33
► Time seemed to pass even faster when I’m not working! This week was spent spring cleaning and catching up with friends.
► Went through baby checklist. Glad to know that mm’s stuff are ready.

Week 34
► Had my maternity photoshoot with AzmirKhalid Photography at home. We had fun!
Appointment with Dr Choong after not seeing him for almost 2 months. Well, if you feel alright and baby is moving as usual inside, there’s no reason to see a doctor isn’t it? 😉
► Met up with Elicia. She kindly brought all her three soft-structured carriers to show me. Bought a preloved Beco Butterfly 2 carrier and some girl one-size cloth diapers from her.
► Answered a mail drop on traditional Malay pre-natal massage by Mom’s Postnatal Care (Pn. Shila 013-672 8595) and got the lady to come to my house. RM80 for a 1.5-hour session. It was gooooooooood and very much welcomed! Felt so much more rejuvenated after that! Considering to sign them up for post-natal urut. Only thing was, the massage was done by a Filipino lady, so not very genuine per se.

Week 35
► To keep the positive vibes up, I organised a gathering with my Hypnobirthing coursemates along with the educator, Wai Han. All of them – except me – have given birth (2 homebirths, 1 gentle hospital waterbirth and 1 emergency C-sec). No photos as everyone was too busy talking about their birth stories. Daddies got busy talking about D-day too 🙂
► My youngest sister visited me for a few days with her 2-month old.
► Upped the intake of red raspberry leaf tea and Third Trimester tea. Started on a tablespoon of virgin coconut oil once a day too.

Week 36
► Started to feel overwhelmed with the heavy bump, slight lethargy and swollen-by-night right foot. Asked E, “Ewan, is mommy fat?” My tactful Casanova said: “No, just bigger. Daddy has fat tummy” Super sweeeeeeet! 🙂
► Catching-up-with-friends sessions continued. It will be a while more before my life can be restored to a ‘normal’ mode once mm arrives, so let’s make good use of it.
► Sudden craving for durians but resisting it.
► One more session of facial treatment before I pop!
► Appointment with Dr Siva went well. Glad to announce that he’s yet another gem of an obgyn – pro-natural/gentle birth, very friendly and exudes a positive energy. He accepted my birth plan and said “This is standard of what I do”. mm weighs around 2.4kg to date, still lying in LOA position though not engaged with cord, placenta and amniotic fluid all looking good.
► Still procrastinating over doing a perineal massage on a daily basis. Maybe I’ll just skip this!

Week 37
► Full term! Though there were still people asking me “You’re due next year, right?”
► Labour rehearsal begun at 37+5 weeks. Consistent Braxton Hicks every 20-30 minutes, each lasting around 10-20 seconds for two consecutive days. Occasional period-like cramps. More frequent bowel movements. Nesting instinct kicked in.
► Tried out De Jejari traditional pre-natal massage (Sue 012-255 4444). RM75 for 1 hour. The pressure applied was less strong but hit the right note. I snoozed like a baby for the next two days! Signing them up for my post-natal urut at RM750 for 10 sessions.
► Had a bump date with another mommy-to-be, Jun, after more than a year of correspondence 🙂
► Took the ‘risk’ and made a trip back to Melaka to fulfill my last few KPIs before mm comes.


2 thoughts on “BIP: w33 – w37

    1. Yes, I take it near from the jar. It’s for general health and supposed to help with a smoother delivery. Some moms use it for perineal massage too while some have claimed that their babies were born with smooth, oil-like vernix 🙂

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