Preparing E for baby’s arrival

Yes, I’m STILL pregnant πŸ˜€

Since we found out about this pregnancy, we have been prepping E for the arrival of his baby sister. So much so that even his teachers at the nursery chipped in and did their part too. It’s good to know that so far, he has only reacted positively to the idea and my growing belly – often stroking, talking and saying sweet little things to her.

But then again, while we may have put in as much effort as possible to ensure a smooth transition, feelings of jealousy is inevitable. We are, after all, humans with emotions. We know that things will not be easy at the beginning, especially for E, but we are willing to try and establish the connection between our children as earlier as possible.

For a start, we did the customary gift exchange tradition between siblings. Both presents have been wrapped up and are now waiting patiently in the store room for mm’s debut.

E will be getting this from mm:

A Junior Engineer kit that my mom bought for E when he was a couple of months old

I brought E to choose a present for mm a few weeks ago and here’s what he chose for his baby sister:

Lamaze zebra rattle – so obvious it’s E’s choice…he loves anything animals!

Recently, we bought him a board book with the hope to further explain and let him visualize life with mm. Yes, a tad late but knowing what to expect is better than surprises. It’s quite a cute yet truthful book:

You’re Getting A Baby Sister! by Sheila Sweeny Higginson
Some of the pages inside

Also, we have been prepping E for D-day. These days, if you ask him “What do you do when mommy goes grimacing in discomfort saying ‘Aiya, aiya, aiya!’, he would reply: “Help daddy get cold and hot water to make warm water for the pool!”

Here’s wishing that E will adapt well to mm’s arrival…soon hopefully!


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