BIP: w38.

BIP = Baby In Progress

Week 38

► Attended Wui’s wedding dinner and was back in KL by Sunday noon. Safely told mm “You can come anytime now!”


► Returned the prenatal yoga DVD to its owner and collected some bought preloved items from her too. All KPIs achieved!

► Had a lunch playdate with Samantha and her boy, Josh. She witnessed how E behaved on one of his ‘bad’ days :S

► Managed to squeeze in a scalp treatment and haircut before I go on confinement.

► Signed up for Metta in the Womb workshop, only to miss it on that day 🙂

► Wanted to bring E to the butterfly park, but it rained that morning. We ended up in Bangsar Village’s Borders, followed by a hearty lunch at Fit For 2.

► Craved for something spicy, so I had curry fish head for dinner. Yums!

► Final check-up with Dr Siva, followed by a last-minute visit to the chiropractor.

► Had a lunch date of North Indian food with my ex-colleagues at Sagar.

Taken on 38+5 weeks, a day before I popped!

► 38 weeks 6 days – The end of my pregnancy 😀


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