And Xan makes 4…

~ Conceived with much love, gentleness and gratitude. Born in a similar manner too. ~

She’s here! I got my birth dreams! And we did it together! 🙂

We had the joy of welcoming our organic baby Xandrea Chua, 2.8kg & 46cm, at our very own home in the evening of Friday, 16 November 2012. Received by Daddy, cheered on by my BFF Christina, with big brother E coming home from nursery just in time to see Xan’s birth.

Meeting mm for the first time!

Why “Xandrea”?
She’s named after her late paternal grandmother’s nickname, Xan from Sussan. It is with hope that Xandrea will grow up to be as kind, patient and caring – with a heart of gold – as her grandmother.

I’m so grateful to finally be given the opportunity to experience the full course of an all-natural, non-intervened labour and birth. Feeling the miraculous moment of her head crowning is simply worth every second of discomfort. Our body is indeed amazing.

Mantra of the day: Keep calm and birth on

And the after-effects of a non-medicated birth were simply priceless; Xan is so alert, calm and a natural suckler. As for me, I feel fantastic, could walk and be myself shortly after, that even my mom didn’t believe it when I broke the news that I have given birth…just because I sounded too normal and energetic (I had to MMS her a photo of Xan as a proof!)

Baby Xandrea looks exactly like her brother, just girly gorgeous!

Both Xan and I have been given a clean bill of health by a paediatrician and gynae respectively. I had a very minimal tear with no stitching required. We are now enjoying and adjusting to life with a new addition to our family.

My biggest thanks goes to:

1. My Hubby – world’s best husband and self-taught mid(husband) cum doula who is my greatest pillar of strength and supporter. Thank you so much for having complete faith in me and Xan, keeping me positive, being there for us, and working extra hard that day;


2. Christina – an Angel sent from up above, the best kind of friend anyone could ever asked for! Without her, there was no way we could have pulled this through smoothly. Thanks so much for your friendship, belief and commitment in me throughout my pregnancy, and being there to hold my hands and capture the memories of the eventful day.

I will be forever grateful to be blessed with this experience and these people in my life.

Birth story coming up…as soon as we are done babymooning ♥


24 thoughts on “And Xan makes 4…

  1. Christina

    My dear… its my honour being there with you.. we have indeed come a long way now.. from eating ice cream, to running in school events, to being your Chi Mui’s, from going for padicure and manicure, eating partners, candle mates and now birth companion…:) I’m blessed to have you and learn so much from you! And I must say you did it so well!! 🙂 🙂

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