6 signs that led me to homebirth

I would be a big fat liar if I tell you that I was confident and positive all the way as soon as we set our minds on homebirth. Like everyone else, I also stumbled upon days when the negative what-ifs outweighed our pure and sincere intention of providing a safe, calm and gentle birth for Xan and me. What if things didn’t go as planned?

I’m not sure if you believe in the power of God, fate and destiny, but I do. Every single time my faith begins to falter, positive – signs from out of nowhere appeared to reassure me that yes, everything would be alright – as if answering my dilemmas.

I have worked hard for what I have today; things rarely come easily to me without extra effort or commitment. If they do – more often that not – I take it as a sign that it’s meant to be. Perhaps it’s true what one of my HypnoBirthing friends said to me: “It’s the energy you’re attracting. The more positive you feel, the more you want something, the more easily people who are connected to this circle with such energy will come to you.”

Upon deciding to birth at home at six months pregnant, the experiences below further convinced me that it was meant to be:

Birth goal board – I never planned where to put what. All I did was to compile the wordings, photos and lists that I wanted to be in and started pasting them on. They fit perfectly…and so easily, with no thoughts required. Definitely a sign 🙂

Birthing pool – my first attempt to purchase the round fish pool regularly used by homebirthers at Toys r Us, 1 Utama, proved futile. Fearing that they may have phased out this particular pool, I searched at the Bangsar Village outlet. There were so many types for sale there, including my preferred choice. It’s a sign!

Birthing skirt – I was initially thinking to convert a mini skirt into a birthing skirt. My criteria was simple: the material has to be stretchable, it has to fit my hippo hips and I should be able to sit comfortably in it. It didn’t take me long to find one at one of Jalan Telawi’s boutique. Only thing was, the skirt needed some modifications here and there. On the same day, I visited my friend’s boutique and guess what? Her shop carries stretchable long tube tops that can be easily pulled down to my hips and converted into a birthing skirt. Voila!

Good Samaritan – I was feeling disoriented with the homebirth-hospital birth decision again one of those days when I brought E to the playground. It has been a long while since I did that due to the raining season and my lack of energy. We bumped into this father and toddler there, and struck a conversation. Further into our conversation, the man suddenly asked, “So are you planning to give birth in the hospital or at home?” I was taken aback. Ehhh…doesn’t everyone give birth in the hospitals these days? Then I discovered that his wife gave birth at home recently too. He shared tips and to-dos with me. Before we parted ways, he said “Jia you!” (meaning “Step it up!” in Mandarin) to me. Spooky but true. God was definitely watching over me 😀

Obgyn – Knowing from the start that my obgyn Dr Choong isn’t receptive to homebirth, and wanting to have a plan B just in case we feel something’s not going right during the labour, we sought for a pro-homebirth obgyn nearby our house. Wai Han kindly shared that one of the homebirthers recently had an obgyn from Damansara Specialist Hospital who visited her at home after birth. The doctor himself was born at home too! So we made our way to see him, and he was supportive all the way. He’s Dato’ Dr Sivamohan. I will be forever grateful to him for exuding the positive vibes I needed so much during the last two months of my pregnancy.

My Angulimala Sutta script – During my first pregnancy, my father-in-law gave me a laminated card of Angulimala Sutta script. It’s a Buddhism chant for expecting moms and the babies in their womb. I never failed to feel at peace everytime I recite it. Weeks before Xan came, the script went missing. My mind went a little berserk. Just when I looked high and low for it – even googling it up with the hope of finding the script with exact wordings – I followed my instincts and found it sandwiched in between one of my novels.

Don’t you think Xan and I had a guardian angel looking after us?


4 thoughts on “6 signs that led me to homebirth

  1. lilian

    haha.. Congratulations and you’ve done it!!.. Should the script go missing again, let me know. I have a softcopy. I typed it into a softcopy just in case i lose it too.. 🙂 cheers…

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