Fullmoon celebration

Xan turned one month old last Sunday! We made a weekend trip back to hometown to visit her grandparents and pay respect to the elderly.

Xan - 1 month old
Xan – 1 month old

As thank you gifts to our relatives, we ordered a fullmoon-themed cupcakes from Emily and to save costs, we DIY-ed the red eggs.

For the dye, I chose to use rose syrup instead of the conventional food colouring for a redder egg result. Plus they smell sweeter too πŸ™‚

1. First, you’ll need a bottle of rose syrup and rice vinegar. Mix them well in a plastic bowl or a bowl you would not mind staining.


2. Place the room-temperature eggs in a pot of tap water and gradually bring to boil on medium fire. For easier peeling of the egg shell, put some vinegar and salt in the pot of water. Boil and simmer for 20 to 30 minutes. Switch off the fire.


3. While the eggs are still hot, dip them in the dye concoction. Make sure the eggs are thoroughly covered by the concoction. Leave them in for a longer duration if you prefer redder eggs. Leave them to dry in the egg rack.


We saved over RM50 by DIY-ing the eggs! And ta-daaa…the final result:



Tips: Two of the 40 eggs cracked and burst while being boiled. To save time and hassle, do put in an extra of one to two eggs to boil. You can always eat them if all turn out well…


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