So long, farewell…

As year 2013 kicks off, our rounds of goodbye begin too. For those of you who do not know yet, my family and I will be moving to another country soon. My Hubby has been offered a job with another airline and after much contemplation, we decided to make the move for the betterment of our children’s education and future. A big leap indeed, but we are both excited yet anxious to venture into this next chapter of our lives. It’s going to be an adventure!

Among the first goodbyes we had to bid was to a very dear family member of ours. The initial plan was to bring him along – it was only natural to do so. However, after much research, asking around and weighing the pros and cons, we have decided that it is best to rehome our furkid, Odee. If you have been following my blog, you would know that Odee is very much part of the family. He was akin to our first child and has been with us for the past five years, bringing us a roller coaster of joy, laughter, frustration, dilemmas and tears. My relationship with Odee grew distant over the years with the arrival of Ewan and Xandrea, but he remained Hubby’s best friend.

A man's best friend indeed
A man’s best friend indeed

Hence the search for a good home for Odee begun a few months before Xan came. It was really hard to find a good candidate, as our criteria – as some felt – were too inflexible or too high to meet. Frankly, I do not think our expectations were too unreasonable. We did not want to give him to just anyone; the person has to be – first of all, a dog lover. Odee has to be placed indoors and given walks preferably twice a day as well as lots of attention. Ideally, his new owner should be a family with grown-up children or a single man/woman who has no plans of getting married/having children or moving away. It would be perfect if we could also stay in touch with the new owner and get to see him when we return for holidays.

Odee at 2.5 months old
Odee at 2.5 months old
Odee's signature smirk
Odee’s signature smirk

The journey to nailing a good owner for him was challenging. We looked within our internal network of friends and relatives first. I did not want to register him in pet websites…God knows what kind of people his cute face may attract! We were judged by some, given hope and promises by others only to discover that they were not serious about it. After months of being disappointed again and again, my aunt – who was very keen but declined at first for fear of not being able to cope with two dogs at one go (she has a toy poodle too) – finally took him in.

Odee loves a rub on his tummy
Odee loves a good rub on his tummy
We were featured in Oriental Daily before
We were featured in Oriental Daily before

We decided to send him to my aunt’s in Melaka earlier, in the event that things don’t work out and we would need to find a quick solution. Odee was finally rehomed last weekend, which also marked his official fifth year with us. Our hearts sank as we drove away while Odee stared at us with his Gremlin-like eyes, looking confused in my aunt’s arms but at the same time, behaved calmly. We had repeatedly informed and explained to him the reasons why we needed to rehome him for the past few days.

Both of us, especially Hubby, are most impacted by Odee’s absence. E still talks about Odee like he’s still with us now but the little man seems to take it better than us. Ironically enough, despite being less close to him now, I do miss having someone waiting for me at the door whenever I drive into the garage. I miss having someone just being there at home with me, though we minded our own business most of the time. I miss having someone to alert me whenever there are strangers or dogs/cats/squirrels/birds/nothing outside the house. I miss that someone who generously forgives me regardless of what I have done/said to hurt him. Weird but true, I miss having someone stare at me whenever I eat now – though it used to annoy me lots.

He loves the playground and outdoors!
He loves the playground and outdoors!

We all know he is in in good hands now. My aunt is a dog lover, and Odee has a poodle as a companion/girlfriend now. Additionally, my aunt and uncle whose children have already grown-up, will be able to give him lots of undivided attention, joy rides in the car and a comfortable home to live in. He will definitely have a better quality of life with them, compared to if he move with us where we would need to hide him all the time and may not be able to walk him as often as now.

So far, no news from my aunt means good news. I will be calling her in a few days’ time to follow-up.

Until we meet again, Odee! May you be loved, well and happy at all times...
Until we meet again, Odee! May you be loved, well and happy at all times…

So long, farewell, our furkid…


12 thoughts on “So long, farewell…

  1. Jchua

    All the best with the move! To most it would be tough packing, unpacking and settling into a new environment with a toddler and newborn but you have proven to be a supermom, wife and individual so am sure you will handle it all swiftly.

    1. Thanks Julia! You’re very kind with words. The thought of going to a foreign land with two little ones sound daunting alright…hopefully we will cope fine. First thing first, find E a preschool there 🙂

  2. Christina

    I felt sad reading this… heart felt weird.. Im gonna miss Odee too… Well lets hope the distance wont be so bad.. lets meet up soon 🙂

  3. Li-Kim

    All the best w your move! It must not be easy w 2 young kids, but with your recent experience, you’re really a supermom 🙂

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