Xan turns 2 months

Xan turned 2 months old a few days ago! I have been very busy with the kids, hence the silence. It’s not easy juggling two little ones on my own especially in the daytime but I’m getting there.

Here’s to journal down a summary of activities and observation on Xan’s progress since her birth:

0-1 month

► A perfect newborn. When she’s not sleeping, she’s nursing and vice versa. Very calm, contented and easy to care for, so much so I didn’t need the confinement lady’s help at night too.

► Her Chinese name is 念恩 Nien Ern, meaning gratitude to kindness.

► She’s a really good and natural suckler since birth. We are still breastfeeding exclusively. Only thing is, she needs to be burped after every feed or she would regurgitate her milk.

► Probably a benefit of pre-birth bonding, or probably we got better with experience too, my maternal instincts with Xan is a lot stronger and more prominent. I could read her needs just by looking at her expression or listening to her cries – don’t need Dunstan baby language 🙂 Telepathy!

22 days
22 days

► Jaundice set in at 6 days old. We took her to Dr Ling for several rounds of blood tests. He was careful in diagnosing, did not recommend admission immediately but instead suggested for us to keep calm and observe. The results eventually showed a decreasing trend. It went away on its own after that, with reducing ginger and Chinese herbs in my diet.

► Had colic when she was two weeks old and even so, she handled it really calmly.

► Growth spurt of non-stop nursing every hour at 3 weeks old. She’s a small drinker by nature but during this period, she could empty both breasts at one go. My milk supply went haywire a little as a result.

► Generally, she rarely cries and sleeps well. When she’s awake, she would quietly observe her surroundings, give a smile or two then falls back asleep on her own.

► We had her hair trimmed a little for a neater look.

► Ar 1 month old, she weighed 3.5kg.

1-2 months

5 weeks
5 weeks

► She is happiest in the morning and would be the first to rise and wake us up with her babbles and grunts.

► She loves taking a bath. At first, her tiny hand would hang on to my shirt so firmly when I placed her into the bathtub but overtime, with repeated assurance, she has grown to enjoy being in water.

► She’s a tough and accommodating baby. As soon as we were released from confinement, Xan followed me everywhere I went – to pick up E from nursery, grocery shopping, buying lunch etc. She would quietly look around or sleep while I babywear her in my Beco Butterfly 2 carrier. She has even gone for a facial appointment as well as a chiropractic session with me! What to do, she’s got vain + health-conscious mom!

► Finally outgrew the Tiny Baby size and started wearing 0-3 months clothes. She began wearing cloth diapers at 7 weeks old. Prior to that, she was wearing the traditional cloth napkins as cloth diapers were way too big for her even on the smallest setting.

8 weeks

► E loves cuddling Xan. He would occasionally lie down beside her, give her a peck on the forehead or sniff her hands. No doubt he’s sometimes a little rough with her. It’s really heartwarming to see both my kids getting along well.


► Because she’s still working on improving her swallowing skills and because my milk let-down can be fast and furious, she would unlatch as soon as my milk started spraying fountain and latch on again 5 seconds later. At times when she’s breastfeeding under my nursing poncho, she would come out with a wet face and damp shirt!

► She has become more interactive and would respond with a smile or coo whenever we talk to her. To catch my attention while I am Facebooking and carrying her, she would raise her hand, babble while staring intensely at me 🙂

► Our favourite time of the day is having a one-to-one attention, snuggling up and taking an afternoon nap together.

► In the sleeping department, she has slept through 4-6 hours at one go for several times. On normal days, she would wake up 2-3 times at night to nurse.

► With Xan, I’m able to enjoy motherhood a lot more without constant exhaustion, probably because she’s a good sleeper. Although she wakes up to breastfeed at night, the session is brief where she would nurse and go back to sleep immediately.

► Another growth spurt at 8 weeks old.

► At 2 months old, she weighed approximately 4.6kg, measuring 58cm in length.

In a nutshell, if all my babies are like Xan, I don’t mind having another five more…okay, two more 😀


9 thoughts on “Xan turns 2 months

    1. She’s indeed an angel. Fingers crossed that’s her nature 🙂 I was desperate for a facial after confinement and arranged for an appointment on a quiet weekday afternoon. Requested for a single room too. She slept in her carrier during my facial and when it was time for a feed, I got up from the bed and breastfed her (it happened during the mask time, so I had nothing to do anyways). She was very cooperative and slept almost throughout the session.

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