2, 3….or more?

I have a problem. A complicated problem. It has been bugging me for a month plus. And every time I thought I have reached a decision, something came up and toppled the entire perspective upside down again. Then I would begin all over again, and again, and again. I have yet to find a definite solution so far, so help me out here.

You see, while I was going around the house clearing up stuff and identifying things that I should keep, throw/sell or donate in preparation for our big move, I came across baby stuff that neither Xan nor I were still using. They were either not to her liking or suitability or she has outgrown them. Normally, I readily sell or give away these stuff but one item that stirred the water and put a brake on this mindless spring cleaning is my 3-year old BabyPlus prenatal education system.


My mom bought it for me when I was pregnant with E and over time, I have developed a strong attachment to it. Evident from the colour of the pouch, isn’t it? Yes it needs a wash. Anyways, it followed me and my babies through two pregnancies, entertaining them with a variety of heartbeat sounds in the womb. It holds a sentimental value close to my heart. The question is, should I or should I not sell it away? If I sell it away, what if I need to use it in the future and may not be able to afford it again? If I don’t sell it away, it will most likely sit there, collect dust and probably become damaged – all of which brought me to the big dilemma: will there be a baby #3 for us?


Too soon to ponder this question considering Xan is barely 3 months old ya? But it’s either I sell it now or never…before the value decreases even further or it just dies off on its own.

And so my survey began. I asked moms with 2 kids, 3 kids and 5 kids. Why did they decide to have more than 2, how do they manage, are they planning for more and if so, why? I also interviewed friends with no sibling, 1 sibling and many siblings. How was it like growing up with none or 1 sibling? Many siblings? Advantages? Disadvantages?

From the survey, I concluded that quality supersedes quantity. So we are pretty sure that 2 is all we are going to have. Then Xan began to smile at me. Babbled the oh-melt-me coos. Exuded the beautiful scent of a newborn. Made parenting so easy for us. What if baby #3 is as cooperative? I don’t mind if that’s the case! 😀 But what if he/she is…NOT?

On practicality side, if we were to have another child, it would be 3 years down the road. We won’t and don’t want to have him/her any sooner as it won’t be fair to our current kids, especially Xan who is still a baby. Say if we have a baby in year 2015, Hubby will be 40, me 34. When baby #3 goes to university at age 19-20, Hubby would be around 60, me 54!


Wait a minute. 60s?! 50s?! Whoaaaaaaa….hang on, hang on. Take a deep breath. Puff…puff…puffffff….

Okay, we certainly do not want to be worrying about funding a kid’s education at that age. There’s a reason why they call it the golden years, not donkey years. Because we will be sipping champagne, sunbathing our wrinkly skin (and my sagging boobs!) and travelling around the world at that time. Thanks but no thanks, 2 is perfect.

But then again, maybe baby #3 will be a genius who will earn a full scholarship? Or the next Tiger Woods (sans the philandering tendency)? And and and…like my friend Giddy Tigress said in one of her posts, we really do have so much love to give! Money cannot buy happiness eh?

Am I making sense? Are you cross-eyed now? You are? Good, because I am too. 2 or 3? Or 4? Make it 8? It’s a prosperity number…ong ah!

Back to my BabyPlus, I’ve decided to sell it. Because there’s already a buyer and Hubby said, “Borrow it from your sister in-law if there’s really a need for it in the future” Ahaaa…so there’s a likelihood we will have a #3…or not! 🙂


6 thoughts on “2, 3….or more?

  1. Mandy

    Wah.. already got buyer? Thought of asking how much u plan to let it go.. 😦 where can i get this outside? Anyway, i’ve been waiting for ur new post everyday.. hahaha.. addicted to ur post la..

  2. U know What? This is the exact same question I’m asking myself.. whether I should even have my #2.. just that I don’t have the luxury of time as my #1 is already 2yrs old and I won’t want the gap between both to be too big.. Haha, so looks like I’m not the only one thinking too much about it =p

    1. Think no more, go ahead and have #2! It’s lonely to grow up without someone to quarrel with or share things with, you know 😉 For me, two is perfect…three maybe a bonus? Uhmmm…still thinking!

    1. Thanks for this, Jun! This is a better method to finding the answer. Right now, I can imagine having 3 grown-up kids…2 boys and 1 girl. Hubby can’t imagine that though >_<

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