REVIEW: Nursing Wear part #1 of 2

Over my years of breastfeeding, nursing apparels have come in very handy especially when I was on the move with baby where nursing in public was frequent. My eldest child E was breastfed for 1.5 years. Having witnessed the tremendous benefits of breastfeeding in him, I aspire to breastfeed Xan for at least two years.

I struggled but survived breastfeeding E without a nursing poncho, making do with only several pieces of nursing wear which over the time have shown signs of wear and tear. A search for stylish, practical and affordable nursing wear in the local Malaysian market proved futile – they were either too overpriced, too Aunty-like in design or lack of quality in material.

Here are some local brands I have previously considered or bought from:

Baby Loft


Pros: I own 3 pieces of the nursing tank in different colours. It’s very easy to wear – you can wear it on its own as a camisole or pair it with a cardigan. It also makes nursing very convenient – all I had to do was unclip either side of the top and nurse.

Cons: Before it started gaining popularity, I used to pay RM40 to RM50+ max for the nursing tank but the price has soared to RM80+ now. Quite steep for a simple tank top like this. Because the paddings are rather thin and wear out easily, nipples tend to show and can be quite obscene/thought-provoking. You may want to replace the paddings with thicker ones.



Pros: Good and comfortable material with longer lasting quality. Some are relatively more stylish, though most are simple looking.

Cons: Ka-ching…expensive! I bought this top when it was on 30% off at RM80+. Frankly, I wouldn’t have bought it without the discount; the original price was just not justifiable.




Pros: Affordable! Each design comes in choices of colour (although boring ones!) and the price ranges from RM29.90 onwards. The variety of designs is relatively more than other brands too.

Cons: Design is rather Ah Soh-like. As if having productive, frequently engorged boobs isn’t enough to make us feel Auntyish, there they go and make our clothes looking frumpy too! The quality of material is poor too. I own 2 pieces of Autumnz nursing wear and both went out of shape after one wash. Sigh~

9 Months

Pros: This brand is probably the only one in Malaysia that offers both affordable yet quality nursing wear. I must say that their maternity range is wider and more appealing compared to their nursing collection. I bought quite a number of my pregnancy clothes there and have been very pleased with the quality. Relatively reasonable price range – not too expensive, not too cheap to the extent of compromising the quality and design.

Cons: I do not own any nursing wear from 9 months, simply because I couldn’t find anything I like despite repeated visits to the boutique. Most of the nursing clothes there double up as maternity clothes, where the cutting and style are more skewed towards accommodating pregnant figures – making them less flattering for nursing moms.

Fabulous Mom

Pros: Another affordable range with almost similar concept like Autumnz.

Cons: This brand is probably the one that offers the most Ah Soh design of all. I really intended to buy a piece or two to try but after browsing through its website again and again, nothing appealed to me. No point buying something I wouldn’t wear at all right? I’ve heard that the nursing bras are comfortable and reasonably priced though.

Stay tuned for part #2 where I’ll be sharing a brand which offers stylish, quality and affordable nursing range.

Disclaimer: The above review is based on my personal observation and preference, and hence may differ from your views and choices. I paid for all of the above items and did not receive any commission, gifts or rewards in exchange for this review.


6 thoughts on “REVIEW: Nursing Wear part #1 of 2

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  2. Cindy

    Hi, will there be a part #3? Perhaps this comes a year too late but I was reading this and laughing out loud. Exact same thoughts on the Ah-Sohness part for each label. I was laughing out loud. How I wish we had access to more affordable and stylish nursing wear so that people like me don’t have to crack our heads every day before we go out with baby… “what to wear, what to wear?” since I bf a lot in public too.

    1. Hi Cindy, thanks for the comment! Unfortunately there won’t be a part #3. I’m still breastfeeding but less often since my girl takes more solid main meals these days. I’m back to wearing normal clothes…even attempted wearing a zip up dress to a wedding dinner, only to struggle taking it off in a make-shift nursing room a.k.a. toilet. All for the sake of vanity!

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