REVIEW: Nursing Wear part #2 of 2

Based on my brief reviews on the nursing wear available in Malaysia here, I continued the hunt for something stylish yet affordable. I wanted something that flatters and flaunts, instead of something that makes me feel frumpy. I started looking outside Malaysia and chanced upon Ubermums from Singapore.

After careful consideration, I decided to buy these:

Antoinette Duo Lace Dress
Antoinette Duo Lace Dress

Comfortable, chic and easy to wear. The viscose lycra top material conforms to my body and fits me perfectly. To nurse, just pull down the neckline.

Lilyth Eyelet Nursing Blouse - Light Latte
Lilyth Eyelet Nursing Blouse – Light Latte

There’s a zipper at each side as nursing access. I don’t quite like the material as it crumples easily.

Tia Duo Tank - Aquamarine
Tia Duo Tank – Aquamarine

This is very easy to wear. To nurse, just lift up the flap.

UM Nursing Poncho
UM Nursing Poncho

I love Ubermums’ nursing poncho because they are long enough to cover my torso and allow me to lift up my shirt without showing any skin. The fabric is also soft, thin and breathable. I own both the Soft & Stretchy and Lite range, and especially love the latter.

I saved on the postage cost by mailing the items to my cousin who is working in Singapore and had him bring them back to Malaysia. Here’s a rough estimation on postage, as explained by the owner, Edwina:

“For shipment to Malaysia, please refer to the Singpost website. On the left side of the page, click on Select Country and input the weight. A dress is average 270g, and a top is about 180g (these are estimates, may be more or less).

So for example, for 2 dresses and 1 top = 720 g, the postage by Air Parcel 6-8 working days S$16.45. They have options for faster delivery but will be more expensive.”

Service was excellent! I had requested Edwina to have the items delivered to my cousin within a tight deadline as he would be returning to Malaysia that weekend itself. She gladly helped and had my stuff hand-delivered a day before my cousin left. She also kindly offered me a nursing top that is higher priced as the one I’ve initially ordered was out of stock. FYI, she didn’t know I blog or was going to write a review.

Thankfully, the service and quality of clothes remained consistent during my second purchase, comprising another nursing poncho and the following dress for CNY:

Issa dress
Issa dress

Another purchase that fits me well! The polyester spandex material flatters my figure, giving the much needed boost of confidence. It think it would look even nicer if it’s slightly shorter (because I’m vertically challenged too).

► Pros: Stylish nursing apparels that don’t look like one! Although the nursing range comes in stand-alone type and duo maternity-nursing type, the designs are flattering to non-pregnant moms. They are also reasonably priced and of good quality. Price range is comparable with 9 Months, after currency conversion. Service is fast and personalised as well. I’ll definitely continue to buy from Ubermums.

► Cons: It would be good if they have more individual nursing range with more flattering cut, shape and perhaps shorter hem line too for petite moms like me. We mamas like to look hawwwwt! It would be good to offer a flat rate shipping to other countries too.

For budget-conscious moms, you may also wear regular clothes such as a blouse and pants/skirt with a nursing bra inside. I find that the highly raved Genie Bra works very well as a nursing bra and is also easy on the pocket too (replica ones are cheap and nice). Just make sure your nursing poncho is long enough to cover your torso when you’re sitting, then lift up your tee, pull down your bra and breastfeed away…anywhere you want! However, if you’re a dress person like me, investing in proper nursing dresses will go a long way!

Have you come across a brand that sells trendy nursing apparels at a great price? Do share your experience!

Disclaimer: The above review is based on my personal observation and preference, and hence may differ from your views and choices. I paid for all of the above items and did not receive any commission, gifts or rewards in exchange for this review.

P/S: For a better gauge of Ubermums’ sizes, the above dresses and tops are in size S. I’m 155cm tall and weighs 50kg.


4 thoughts on “REVIEW: Nursing Wear part #2 of 2

  1. Jas

    Hi! Thanks for your review! Was deciding whether to get the nursing poncho when I came across your blog. You mentioned that you prefer the Lite range to the soft and stretchy. May I know why? Am trying to decide between the two fabrics and would appreciate your input. Thanks!

    1. I prefer the Lite one simply because it’s more breathable and less hot for baby to be inside. Also, the condition remains excellent after washing. The other one looks a little worn out after one wash. Hope this helps!

      1. Jas

        Thanks! It’s very helpful! My baby and I are the ‘hot-blooded’ sort, sweat buckets when we are too covered up. Thanks to your input, I know now that the Lite version would probably suit us better! Much appreciated! 🙂

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