Xan turns 3 months

My little munchkin turned 3 months on 16 February!

xan smiles

2-3 months

► We flew to Singapore with our last FOC tickets from Malaysia Airlines when Xan was 10 weeks old. She was on her best behaviour throughout the whole trip, quietly looking around and napping when she was tired.


► She flipped from back to front at 11 weeks old. She probably did it unintentionally, as I found her napping on her stomach one day. Ever since then, it has been a breeze for her to do that.

image (4)

► She started lifting her head at 90′ and body at 12 weeks old. Many are amazed at how sturdy and strong her neck is. She’s also starting to move her body forward in preparation for the crawling stage. I’m always surprised at how much she has moved every time I leave her on the playmat for a while. No more leaving her unattended on the bed anymore!


► Xan’s first CNY and angpow from Kong Kong:


► We co-sleep. Yes, all four of us on a King size bed! Mommy and Daddy would be stuck in one position the entire night while the kids sleep starfish style. I don’t know how she does it, but she would scoot towards me skin-to-skin every night although I place her slightly further from me. Note to mind: MUST get a Queen + Super Single beds and sleep tatami style at our home in the new country.

► Her first giggle happened on 20 Feb 2013 at 13 weeks old, triggered by E who was playing with his abacus. The sound of abacus clacking made her laugh!

► She would be slightly fussier during her growth spurt (one more at 14 weeks) or when she was reaching another milestone. Other than that, she’s pretty much a calm and easy baby who rarely cries.

► She smiles a lot and gets excited whenever anyone talks to her (even the stranger who walked behind me while I carried her facing backward). A very happy baby indeed. We are unbelievably blessed 😀


► She stopped wearing her mittens at one month old and found the wonders of her fingers and hands. She loves gumming her fist. She’s also able to grasp an object nearby her easily.

► When she’s awake, she babbles a lot. Heart-melting coos. Passion-packed speech!

► After hearing much rave reviews from others, I bought an Innertalk Just for Newborns CD for her when she was a week old. Innertalk is an audio program featuring easy-to-listen music or nature sounds that are specially mixed with positive background affirmations. Its subliminal messages tap into our subconscious mind with positive affirmation. Find out more here. However, the CD doesn’t really work on Xan – probably because she’s already a contented baby by nature. She would fuss and be very unsettled every single time I play it for her to listen (really not a coincidence!). Hence I decided to sell the CD to buy other titles such as ‘I Can: Building A Child’s Self Esteem’ and ‘Sleep Soundly’ for E.

► One weird behaviour, she pees on her Daddy every single time he bathes her. It’s like, “He’s my man, I’m marking my territory!”

► At 3 months old, Xan weighs approximately 5.2kg and measures 61cm in height.


8 thoughts on “Xan turns 3 months

  1. Jchua

    So sweet! How do you all manage to sleep on the bed? We do sleep with our 1 yr old and already find it very tight on the king size bed!

  2. Mei Chen

    Very sweet and lovely family! The CD that you bought ‘I Can: Building A Child’s Self Esteem’, saw there’s option for “Music” or “Nature” or both the “Music & Nature”, what’s the difference? Which is a better option? Thanks…

    1. Thanks Mei Chen 🙂

      Both music and nature are soothing but I personally prefer the former. Music is classical tunes while Nature is sounds of waves, water, birds. You can play it when your child is playing or sleeping. To see results, play it consistently for at least 3 days. Some take longer time to see effects.

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