Of life and busyness…

I’ve been quiet I know, and I don’t like this silence because it only means I’ve been so occupied there’s no time left to pen down my thoughts, my babies’ progress and some reviews I have in mind. So busy I was (still am!) that I’m ashamed to tell you that I honestly don’t know what’s on the newspapers front page lately.

The past weeks have been very hectic and tiring, with some days being more challenging:

Viral attack – E came down with a bad viral fever. After having high fever for 5 days and seeing three doctors, he finally recovered BUT with side effects from the medication. I should have known better when his behaviour changed drastically overnight. Long story short, be extra careful and always double check before giving any medications to your kids. If possible, opt for the natural approach first.

Managing a smile despite a high fever
Managing a smile despite a high fever

Getting used to a new sibling – Never say never. No matter how much we prepared him, E couldn’t help but to feel jealous over the attention Xan was getting, especially from friends and relatives during CNY. The “oohs” and “ahhs” from people whenever they see Xan. Things became even more trying when he started demanding for us to carry him all the time including during bath and meal times, or asked for a diaper change or milk in the middle of the night. At first, we thought he was just being rebellious and denied his requests which eventually led to huge meltdowns and tantrums (from both us and E!). It wasn’t a pretty situation at all. We couldn’t see the signs until a friend pointed out how he was trying to ask for attention by mimicking Xan’s routine – breastfeeding (“put me on your lap and feed me!”), bathing (“carry me and bathe me”), midnight diaper change or nursing. He even started gumming his fist like Xan! It was a real wake-up call for us. In our focus to get things done quickly, we have forgotten to include E in caring for Xan. We are now relooking into our efforts.

Love them to the stars and back!
Love them to the stars and back!

Relocation – After much procrastination, we finally started packing. Yes, just a week before Hubby’s flight. It is still ongoing every night after the kids go to bed. I managed to sell many of my preloved stuff online, gave away some and threw the rest. We opted out for the cargo load offered by Hubby’s company and chose to move our stuff together when we fly there. We are given 50kg baggage access per person (including Xan), so we had to be wise in choosing what goes and what stays. It’s harder for me because I’m the kind of person who likes to hoard be prepared for the just-in-case moments.

Farewell dos – We have also been attending gatherings after gatherings, so you can imagine how crazy things are for us now. So much to do, so many people to catch up with (and hug) but so little time! 😦


image (3)

E’s 3rd birthday – My darling boy is turning 3 in March! If it wasn’t because we are leaving the country, the do would have been very simple. We are throwing him a small birthday/farewell party with his school friends and playmates. The party planning is also taking up a bit of my time 🙂

Bye Hubby! *sobs* – Hubby will be flying off in a couple of days before we join him a month or so later. I have a long list of to-do before leaving the country – among all is to brush up my cooking skills by learning from my helper – whom we have hired to cook for us, do household chores and help me out with the kids when Hubby is not around.

With all these craziness going on (crazy but good!), you may not hear from me for a while. I’ll keep you posted of our new home and surroundings once we have settled down there. Until then…


7 thoughts on “Of life and busyness…

  1. sarah

    Good luck and all the best Joey! You’re one very capable supermom to 2 beautiful kids 🙂 You will be missed in Malaysia. Take care 🙂

  2. Sherlynna Lee Wong

    Disappointed we didn’t get to meet up during CNY but I know I’ll be able to keep up with your goings-on via IATH. All the best to you and family in your newly adopted country. Will see you sometime. 😉

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