Ewan turns 3!

Guess what? It’s 21.3.13 and Ewan is 3! I’m one proud mom today 😀

I submitted E's photo for the March's Disney Birthday Book in Disney Junior Asia.
E was featured in the March’s Disney Birthday Book (online) by Disney Junior Asia.

At 3 years old:

► Ewan is a very talkative toddler. My neighbour, who could hear him singing and talking all day long from next door, nicknamed him the ‘chatterbox’. If he’s quiet, it usually means he’s unwell or something’s up his sleeve.

► Still crazy about animals! I have no idea if he will ever be keen in stuff boys usually adore such as cars, trains, action heroes and weapons. Our recent trip to Singapore Zoo further deepened his passion for animals. He continues playing with his animal figurines, which number is growing by days. Occasionally, he would handpick them to shower with him.

► If you play with him, you’ll make his day and become his best buddy for the day. Among his newly found playmates after Hubby left for Dubai were Aunty Christina, Uncle Norman, Grandaunt Emily, Aunty Jay and Aunty Michelle.

► His new best friend? Joshua from his preschool. Josh is a very good-nature, gentle and lovely boy. They get along very well and talk about cars, specifically Audi and Honda, as well as Opa Gangnam style. Adorable!

► In terms of education, we stopped his Shichida lessons in Dec 2012 in preparation for our move. At his new preschool, Chiltern House by Julia Gabriel, he’s described by Teacher Nurun as the “leader of the class” with “very very good vocabulary”. His Mandarin teacher, Pang, shared that he’s “good in English and Maths” and is overall a “well-behaved with good social skills”. However, he’s selective in the activities he would participate in. He particularly does not like dancing and would just sit and watch his friends.

► Bye bye, egg allergy! We can now safely give him egg-made foods without worrying about his eczema flare-up. His skin condition is very, very much under control now too, thanks to a TCM cream we recently discovered which worked wonders, returning his skin to the way it should be. No steroids, no mercury.

► Food wise, he has begun to be picky, telling me what he doesn’t want to eat as soon as he sees the dishes on the table: “I don’t like beans” or “I don’t want tofu”. His diet preference is very much carnivorous, opting for meat and fish most of the time. Fruits remain his #1 favourite food, followed by chocolate cake and fish ball.

► Shows interest in story creating and telling. Begins to ask lots of why.

► Has made much progress in Mandarin, much thanks to his preschool which incorporates the language in its curriculum. He can sing several Chinese nursery rhymes (though they do sound a little Mat Salleh accented) and understands simple conversation (though he will usually respond in English). These days, he would often ask me what’s this and that called in Chinese.

► He’s completely potty trained in the daytime. We are almost there for nighttime, where he wakes up with dry diapers almost every morning.

► Adores his baby sister. He loves playing with her, though we have to supervise as he gets a little rough at times.

► He’s a helpful boy. He would clean up his toys, put used plates and milk bottle in the sink, clean up spills, help me with the laundry etc. He attempts to participate in our daily chores. Lately, he has been helping me with packing for Dubai 🙂

► A sensitive boy too. Whenever I raise my voice, he would stare on the floor and then tell me to “speak nicely”. He would hug and kiss my lips in his effort to apologise. And many a time, he’s the first to say sorry, whether it’s his fault or not. I’m not sure if this is a good trait.

► I could sense that he misses his Daddy a lot during the temporary separation period. The night wakings and crying for no apparent reason, the staring into the blank wall, the frequent request to browse through the photos Hubby sent to me in my iPhone, and the instant happiness at the thought of a play companion. He’s loving and sentimental like that.

► Had his first dental check-up. He was all brave and curious, giving his full cooperation throughout the whole process. He passed with flying colours – perfect, clean teeth with no cavities – and walked out of the dental clinic with a reward sticker.

► He has a superb memory, so much so he knows which way to head for Toys R Us in each shopping mall. And he reminds me of details I don’t even remember myself!

► Occasional tantrums are inevitable but we realise that reasoning and speaking nicely with LOTS of patience works better with E.

► Weighs 12.2kg at 89cm tall.

We will be celebrating E’s birthday with a simple dinner and small cake today, before his arty birthday party this Saturday. I’ll try to post up pictures soon.

HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY, MY DARLING BOY! May the best of life await you in years to come. May you be well and happy always. Love you, love you, love you all the time!


8 thoughts on “Ewan turns 3!

  1. sarah

    Happy Birthday dear Ewan!! 🙂 You’re 3 today! You’re growing up to be a very fine young gentleman and a good big brother to your lil’ sister.

    P/s: Joey, you’re a great mom indeed 🙂 Ewan’s wonderful upbringing is a true testament to your good parenting skills. Wishing you and your family an exciting new family life chapter in Dubai..All the very best!

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