Bon voyage!

After waiting for almost a month, we will finally be reunited with the Husband this week. Very much thanks to Hubby’s relentless pursuit in following up on the family visa application and doing whatever he can to expedite the process. We are so excited and are looking forward to seeing him again. E, especially, has been extremely cheerful this week – going around telling people that “we are going to Daddy’s Dubai” and “I like my Daddy very much!” Heart-warming.

So the packing is almost done. Now I’m just waiting for my parents to come with more food stuff ie. ikan bilis, belachan, taucu, dried prawns, dried mushroom, spices and seasonings that are rarely available there. My mom will be flying there with me and the kids.

My eldest nephew kindly helped me with packing and cling-wrapping the boxes just now. I’ve got a strong feeling we are going to exceed the 100kg baggage access. Let’s just pray that we will get a kind guy at the check-in counter on the departure day. Or else maybe I’ll just have to wear a lower neckline top and bat my eyelashes really hard 😉

8 boxes, 2 luggages and counting!
8 boxes, 2 luggages and counting!

I’m excited yet nervous. Excited to see Hubby and explore new places together. It’s going to be an adventure for all of us! Nervous because everything is unfamiliar and we will have to start everything from scratch. Then again, I’ve always believed that anything is doable as long as we set our hearts to it and have our loved ones’ support. The first few months will be focused on establishing our home, getting to know the ins and outs of Dubai, as well as have the kids adapt to the new environment. E will not be attending school for a while, so we are going to do lots of home activities together. At least that’s my plan 🙂 Wish us a smooth journey into the next chapter of our lives!

I’ll keep you posted of my new home and surroundings as soon as I can. Goodbye Malaysia!


12 thoughts on “Bon voyage!

  1. Sye Fen

    All the best Luan Luan & family. U will definitely enjoy there. Do pack more sunblock & face mask along as very hot weather & dusty too. Take care & do blog more. Love to read ur blog & looking forward !

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