IATH made public again

After blogging privately for more than a year, I have gained the confidence and decided to open up IATH to the public again. To those who have previously entered your email address and diligently followed my rambles and mumbles – however lame or pointless – THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your support from the bottom of my heart. I am extremely honoured and grateful for your friendship.

I’m fickle-minded, as you know. To my future readers, I would be highly appreciative if you could spare a second or two to enter your email address under “Follow IATH” box on your right. That’s for just in case I change my mind in the future and decide to impose a password again, I will be able to notify and contact you accordingly.


Thanks again.

Your truly,
Joey @ IATH


One thought on “IATH made public again

  1. Angel Yong

    Hi there. I’m searching dermatologist in Malaysia and found your blog in year 2010 regarding your son. My girl is having eczema too but we yet to bring her to specialist as financial tight. My paediatric recommended dr Madziah in KPJ too. I can read only the blog your son testing blood. I’m browsing using iPhone. I’m not able to trace any other article regarding it. Can you pls share the cost and results? Any other dermatologist to recommend too? My girl has hair loss problem too. That’s worrying me. Thanks a lot ya! Any other places we can keep contact? I got Facebook and joined some mother group there too. Hope to hear from you. Thanks.

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