KL – DXB 28 March 2013

It has been over a week since we arrived in Dubai. We flew here on Thursday 28 March 2013, a week after our residence permit was issued. After months of planning, packing and waiting, the day finally came. We were to be reunited with Hubby after being separated for almost a month.

The journey here – from morning up until we touched down in Dubai airport – was stressful. I woke up that morning only to remember that I have not brought E for a haircut. By then, my parents have arrived at our doorstep. After being asked 101 questions, I rushed E to the nearest barber with almost engorged breasts. Xan’s feed was due shortly but I had no time to wait. Poor E got scolded when he was a little slow. After sealing up the last box, which was then awaiting more food items from my mom, my husband’s side of the family arrived from Melaka. Father-in-law, aunt, grandma and uncle. I brought them out for lunch, got home, had a shower and did one final check on our belongings and house. We had a total of 9 boxes and 2 luggages, among which two were KIVs.


We made our way to the airport at 3.45pm for a 7.30pm flight. My plan was to check in earlier and hopefully get waived off for the excess baggage. I knew for sure we would exceed the 100kg given. We went in 3 cars but the car which carried all our stuff lost their way (don’t ask me how!) and only reached the airport at 5pm. By then, the queue was already forming. It was a A380 plane carrying many passengers.

Queuing up at the online check-in lane
Queuing up at the online check-in lane

Luck wasn’t on our side that day. We got a grumpy lady serving us at the check-in counter. We exceeded the load by around 12kg (excluding our KIV baggages) and despite my pleas and explanation that we were relocating and the weight came from E’s milk powder which are not available in Dubai, she would not budge. If we were to pay, it would cost RM100 per kilogram. I might as well buy another ticket for another 30kg baggage allowance, isn’t it?

I wasn’t given much time to decide however. In the end, we had to remove two boxes. They contained Xan’s cloth diapers and clothes as well as E’s favourite kitchen set. I panicked and was on the verge of breaking down as these were in my list of must-bring. Thank goodness Christina was there to calm me down and keep me focused (what would I do without you?) We decided to open up the boxes, took out the items and stuffed them inside the hand luggages. As for the kitchen set, I cared no more and lugged it along while praying hard that nobody would stop us as we already have more than 4 pieces of hand-carry. It’s E’s favourite toy and I MUST bring it with me!

Stressed out thinking of what to do next. Photo candidly snapped by Christina
Stressed out thinking of what to do next. Photo candidly snapped by Christina

It was 6pm and almost time for us to enter the departure gate. We sat down for a quick drink, talked a little and had to bid goodbye to everyone. It was an emotional moment for me, not knowing when I’ll see my loved ones again.

Mom and I literally ran towards the boarding gate after that. What would be a 20-minute walk became 40 minutes with a baby and toddler in tow

I am very blessed that my mom came with us. Although both E and Xan behaved well during the flight, another pair of hands helped greatly in putting up the luggages in the cabin compartment, and making sure E was looked after especially when he needed to pee. When it was time to sleep, both kids wanted me to carry – so I had to pat E to sleep first while mom entertained Xan. We got three-in-a-row seats that came with bassinet space but unfortunately, they were just next to the busy pantry where the cabin crew walked in and out. I didn’t sleep a wink throughout the flight, checking the distance to our destination on the monitor every half an hour.

We arrived at Dubai airport at 10.45 local time, which is 2.45am Malaysian time. The Marhaba service Hubby engaged was already waiting for us as we alighted the plane. They guided and assisted us with immigration and baggage collection up until we were handed to Hubby. The moment E spotted his daddy at the arrival hall, his little steps quickened then dashed towards Hubby. My heart melted upon seeing that. After another 30-minute ride in taxi, we reached our new home at Tecom, Al-Barsha.

That pretty much sums up our journey here. We have been busy unpacking and setting up our new home ever since. I’ll share more about this new place soon. Stay tuned!


8 thoughts on “KL – DXB 28 March 2013

  1. Hi! I am glad that you’ve made your blog public again. And wow, what an update πŸ˜€

    All the best to you and the kids. Will definitely be tuning to read about your adventures…

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