iHerb purchase #3

When I discovered that the normal international postal system may not work in Dubai, I panicked. If someone were to send me something via snail mail, “it’s as good as lost” – so my friend said. Double panic there. Whatttt…there are no postcodes in Dubai? I totally freaked out. So I took a deep breath and dropped iHerb an email. “Dear Sir, Have you successfully delivered your products to customers in Dubai?” – I wrote. To this day, I did not receive their reply.

But I need my iHerb. I have come all the way from Malaysia with as few toiletries as possible. My supplements can last me for another month – and that’s pushing it already. Gossssssh! So I dig further. Ohhhhh…only private couriers work here? Alrightey then, I shall use DHL.

Armed with a long list, I clicked away. Since the shipping is going to be more expensive than usual, I might as well order more. Plus Xan will be starting solids in just a month, so it’s just the right timing. The biggest purchase for me so far. 31 items, totalling around US$150. Shipping is another US$31, which means $US1 per item – which isn’t too bad.

Then, ding dong! The DHL delivery guy came.

Ordered on: Monday, 8 April 2013
Arrived on: Thursday, 11 April 2013

E was as excited as me when the parcel came.
E was as excited as me when the parcel came.

As always, the products came securely packed and in good condition. These should last me for a couple of months.

Biggest loot so far!
Biggest loot so far!

Am I happy now? Yes of course! Am I broke? Yes also.

If you’d like to give iHerb a try, do remember to use my discount code IQO564 (O in alphabet, not numeric) to receive US$5 off for purchase below US$40 and US$10 for purchase above that. Also, if you keep the total weight to below 4lbs and total purchase between US$40 to US$80, the delivery charges is only a flat rate of US$4.

Happy shopping!

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7 thoughts on “iHerb purchase #3

  1. guest

    hi… i read that you bought the Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Third Trimester Tea during your last purchase on iHerb… just wondering whether the tea was beneficial for you… is it good…? 🙂

    1. Yes, I personally felt that the Third Trimester Tea helped me tremendously in toning my uterus and preparing it for labour. During the first week when I started taking it, I realised more frequent Braxton Hicks which meant that the tea was doing its work in prepping my uterus for the work ahead. After a while, my body got used to the tea. After my 36th week of pregnancy, I upped my consumption to 2 cups a day. It’s an easy to enjoy tea. I recommend it 🙂

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