Xan turns 5 months!

Time for an update of my little girl who turns 5 months old today. Here are some of her milestones so far:

4 months
4 months

► No more a newborn! As soon as she entered her 4th month, she suddenly decided she had enough of sleeping and being nice & easy. Bye bye 2-hour naps, hello 30 mins power rest!

► She demands to be carried and walked around by stretching her body and stifling up whenever we sit down.

► Nobody and nothing could make her happier than her big brother. She smiles at the sight and sound of E. E’s tricks make her giggle. Whenever E leaves the room, her eyes will follow his trail until he’s out of her sight. She would talk to him by cooing.

My favourite girl and boy in the whole world
My favourite girl and boy in the whole world

► She pouts whenever our neighbour carries her. Just this one particular neighbour.

► She’s a social butterfly. She loves to go out. During that one month when Hubby was in Dubai, she stayed home a lot with my helper while I went out to run errands. She became unsettled after a few days of staying home and got really excited when I finally took her out. She contentedly went back to her usual routine after that.

Xan adores our Aunty helper
Xan adores our Aunty helper

► Still loves to be in my Beco and Boba 3G. She sleeps well in them. Both work well for me too.

► She babbles “aaaaaaa…” the moment she wakes up in the morning, often waking up E & I.

► Rather easy to read baby. She only cries when she wants to nap or nurse.

► She began showing signs of teething such as drooling and chewing her fist.

► She frowns a lot. Yep, just like her mommy! 😉

4-5 months

Xan at 5 months
5 months

► When we first moved to Dubai, she was crying a lot for the first few nights. We thought it was teething pain but it turned out that she didn’t like the cold. We have ever since moved her sleeping area to somewhere warmer.

At E's birthday party
At E’s birthday party

► She’s more selective with who carries her now, especially at night. She would often make her preference known by crying dramatically whenever she can’t find me in the room and Hubby carries her.

Xan meeting Jovelle who was born exactly 1 week after her
Xan meeting Jovelle who was born exactly 1 week after her

► She begins to move a lot on the playmat and reaches for things. As I’m typing this on my iPhone while nursing her on the bed, her arm is trying to reach for my phone. Kind of kacau at times!

Xan and her cousin, Jun, who is older by 4 months
Xan and her cousin, Jun, who is older by 4 months

► She farts a lot and has no qualms in hiding it. Boy did she fart like an adult! So much so a taxi driver thought it was one of us releasing gas and winded down the car window in offense.

Daddy bought her a new swing!
Daddy bought her a new swing!

► She’s beginning to lift her bum and knees in preparation for crawling.

► She blows raspberries to pass time.

Where's the baby?
Where’s the baby?

► She often experiments with her vocal prowess by screaming really loudly for fun.

► I’m not a big fan of baby walkers but well…never say never. We bought a preloved one here as it helps me to keep her occupied while I carry out household chores. She can slowly move the walker now.

Is there another baby in the mirror?
Eh, is there another baby in the mirror?

► Teething continues. I can see some whitish tooth in her gums, waiting for the right time to sprout. She chews and bites almost everything she can get hold of.

► At 5 months, Xan weighs 5.98kg and measures 62cm long. She’s in the 50th percentile for height and 25th percentile for weight.

With my mommy buddies
With my mommy buddies

8 thoughts on “Xan turns 5 months!

  1. love your updates 🙂 you have beautiful children 🙂 I have been busy with one and barely get a chance to catch up on your blog I will soon 🙂 take care and glad to see your posts 🙂 -lannie Tucson , Arizona

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