Status: Write something…

Okay, I’m going to write something today. Something significant, something not so significant and something insignificant at all. After all, my blog has been quiet for over two months, so any rambles is better than total silence, isn’t it?

“What’s on your mind?” asks Facebook desktop version. Well, a LOT. We all know women always have many things playing in their mind – all at one go. Just like a computer screen with 101 windows opened. Are you guilty of that too? πŸ˜‰

At the moment, here’s what I’m thinking:

1. Moving to another apartment next month. Dreading the packing and unpacking process. Excited about having a place we can finally settle down for at least the next one year and call it home. Mind-sketching the look for our living room, kitchen and bedroom. Scouting for decor items around.

2. Can’t wait for the first week of September. Looking forward to restoring a daily routine for the kids. Relieved that E will be going back to school. Excited yet anxious about how he is going to settle in the new nursery. Hoping hard that he will adapt quickly and like it there.

3. Thinking about signing up Xan for Kindermusik. Pondering if it’s time to sign up E for swimming lessons too. It’s a life skill. Also trying to plan a weekly exercise routine for myself. Seriously need to get active again. Yoga perhaps? Or maybe mom & baby yoga so I don’t have to worry about someone to babysit her if the class falls on Hubby’s working days? Not disciplined enough to do it on my own at home.

4. Been so motivated out of a sudden. Planning to go back to work in two years’ time. Thinking to keep myself updated in the meantime. Weighing what will strengthen my resume more in the future – taking up a relevant Masters or learn up Arabic? Masters degrees here cost around AED75,000. Ouch!

5. A close friend is getting married in London in October. Thinking to attend and at the same time, go for a holiday. Drawing up the itinerary, estimated costs and budget. Wondering if it will be okay-cold or unbearable cold? Getting excited though nothing’s firm yet. The currency exchange is so high. It would be nice to experience a London-style wedding, isn’t it? What should I wear? Maybe I can wear a pretty dress under a trench coat. And it’s a good opportunity to go see Big Ben. And Buckingham Palace. And Prince George Alexander, hehe!

6. Visualizing a home business. Excited at the prospect of working on this pet project and seeing it materialise. Going to take the next few months to study the market, research and enhance my offerings. Hopefully it works out. Will share more if it happens.

7. Birthday! Someone dear is turning one soon. She may not know me well but she will always have a special place in my heart. So does her mommy. Thinking what will be the best gift.

8. Xan will also be turning one in November. Hubby too, but not one. Contemplating whether to throw a party. A simple and small celebration for sure, followed by some charity contribution on her behalf perhaps? I’ve got a theme in mind but to play up the overall concept and keep the costs low is another challenge. Nothing is cheap here. We will see what happens…

9. What should I cook tomorrow? Should I be adventurous and try out the chicken katsudon recipe or cook something I am familiar with already? It’s father-in-law’s last night with us before he leaves for Malaysia the following day. So far – edible or not – he has been a good guest and swallowed everything I cooked. To katsu or not to katsu?

10. It’s 11.05pm now. Should I watch Grey’s Anatomy or should I go to sleep? But it’s me-time now. Will be a waste if I use it to sleep. My right breast is engorged. Should I wake her up to feed? But what if she stirs after that and I don’t get to watch Dr Grey and Dr Shepherd smooching? Dilemma.

See, busy mind right? How about you, what’s on your mind? πŸ˜€


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