We are going to…


The proposal was submitted, the plan is approved. Works are underway now for itinerary planning, map studying and finding the best way to get around with two kids in tow. We will be attending a wedding and doing some leisure sightseeing.

Boy oh boy, I have planned for so many trips abroad but nothing came close to understanding London, its transport system and surrounding areas. Even nailing the most strategic area to stay took me nights of research and asking around. It’s a little more complicated, taking several criteria into consideration such as itinerary, budget and access to facilities. Enough to make me cross-eyed.

Now that the accommodation has been settled, I have less than a month to:

► Finalise the itinerary and book online entry tickets for several attractions (more savings)

► Arrange airport pick-up and drop-off with child car seats (and without breaking the bank)

► Gather/buy proper clothing for the entire troop. It’s expected to be between 10’C to 15’C

► Sort out the wedding gift and get it wrapped nicely

► Souvenir shopping, maybe?

► Sort out my attire for the wedding too! Not that I’m the one getting married but still, I need to look good right? On that note, all my makeup items have expired – meaning I’ll need to get some new ones too :S

► Read up my Lonely Planet book

Oh gosh, I just remembered…do we need a visa to enter UK? *bangs head*


4 thoughts on “We are going to…

  1. No, you don’t need a visa to go to London. And no, you don’t need to micro-plan your vacation 😀 It is OK to just have a general plan of those places you’d like to visit, and their respective entrance fees (and opening hours) and you’d be perfectly fine. Your little family is so well traveled, I’m not worried about you guys at all! 😀

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