Xan’s 1st birthday – Planning & preparations

It’s less than a month before our baby girl turns one! Yes, it has been a year since that memorable, beautiful birth of hers. My water baby is going to be a toddler soon. The memories of that fateful day still lingers vividly in my mind and brings in high rush of oxytocin. I SO want to replay those moments!

To party or not to party?
Space is a concern, as we have just recently moved to a two-bedroom apartment. Budget is also a limitation, as we do not want to spend too much especially when Xan probably doesn’t even know that she’s the star of the day. And to be honest, I dread the after-party clean up 😁

The other alternative was to hold a picnic party at a nearby public park, but that would mean lugging the food, setting up and such there. The whole process seemed daunting and tiring.

In the end, Hubby and I agreed to hold a simple party at home with a small group of guests. Coincidentally, Xan’s birthday falls on a Saturday so that’s just perfect. We will be hosting a brunch party.

Things like this get me excited! I put on my thinking cap and got into action instantly. I wanted a theme that correlates with Xan’s interest at this point of her life. I like The Very Hungry Caterpillar theme but the only connection she had with it was having one of her fingers stuck in one of the holes in the book. Not exactly a very pleasant thing!


Then BAM! The idea just hit me like that. Why….strawberry! She loves strawberries and goes ga ga whenever she sees them in the supermarket.


This is it. The colour scheme will revolve around red, pink, light blue and white with polka dots and rig rag details. Here’s a sneak peek:


All things strawberry!
Hence the hunt for strawberry-themed stuff began. For the past weeks, I have been sleeping, eating and dreaming strawberries. The party market in Dubai is big where we can find almost everything here, albeit more expensive. I outsourced some bigger-ticket items (party printables, favours etc.) from Malaysia and got the rest from Daiso. It’s a great place to get nice and cheap decor stuff.



Party lookbook
I also turned to Pinterest for inspiration. Here are some of my favourites:

I like this most! Very Chanel-like, don’t you think?




My friend Kim will be helping out with the cake and some desserts. For mains, the menu is as simple as ABC because yours truly will be cooking. Among them are:

– Aglio olio
– Pig blanket
– Mini pancake
– Salad
– Fruits
– Strawberry lemonade

I will also be attempting to bake some strawberry-shaped sugar cookies. Wish me (LOTS of) luck!


Hope to keep you posted with my work-in-progress soon! I’m super excited πŸ˜€


5 thoughts on “Xan’s 1st birthday – Planning & preparations

  1. Good luck! πŸ™‚ Sounds like it’s gonna be so much fun…
    And she might not know or remember it now… but she’ll know the effort and love put into planning and organizing when she grows up and sees all the photos of her 1st birthday πŸ™‚

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