Back from silence

Rise and shine! That’s me waking up from a long hiatus. I know, I have been missing in action. Partly intentional, actually. Other things have taken higher priorities for the past months.

For instance, in January:

  • I realised how much better I cope in the daytime when I get sufficient sleep at night. Makes perfect sense, right? Because using the computer or mobile phone before bedtime affects my ability to fall asleep easily, I have cut down the usage of these devices at night. The thing is, I only get to “come out and play” when the kids are asleep. As a result, IATH got neglected. But I’m a less cranky mum the next day.
  • A few weeks of cut-down Internet time shook some sense into me – that my kids are happier when I am less engrossed in my phone and embrace moments with them. I have ever since been more conscious about using my phone in front of them.
  • I got busy with shopping for Chinese New Year (CNY). What better time to shop than the Dubai Shopping Festival period?
  • We played host to a cousin from Canada and brought her around.
  • On top of that, I was kept busy with some freelance work. I’m grateful that despite being a SAHM, I am blessed with some job opportunities that allow me to earn some side income every now and then.
  • I worked really hard to get fitter and attain that flat tummy. I did it. I wore that Lipsy dress with much confidence. Then I gained 2kg from the endless feasting during CNY and we are now back to square one.
  • We were back in Malaysia for 2.5 weeks to celebrate CNY. I thought it was going to be a break for me but it was nowhere near that. Appointment after appointment with 101 things to do. By the time we flew back here, I was exhausted and stressed out. Guess I was just a tad too greedy for trying to get everything done at one go. Lesson learned.
  • January was also an emotional month for me. I learned more about myself: 1. That I get really negative whenever I’m physically and mentally tired; 2. That freeloaders drive me crazy; and 3. I loathe empty promises.

February thus far:

  • I brought back a gloomy cloud from Malaysia and felt very unsettled for a few days after we flew back. Why do people take one’s kindness for granted? When will one learn the meaning of unconditional love and sincerity?
  • Not helping when the kids and I came down with rotavirus. E vomited while Xan had numerous times of diarrhea. I got it the worst.
  • E will be going to a ‘big’ school by end of this year. Contrary to Malaysia where kids begin schooling at 7 years old, the kids in Dubai attend formal schools by 4 years old. As soon as we returned from our holiday, we got busy following-up with the schools where E was registered for. He will soon be going for assessments to gauge his readiness for school. Fingers crossed he will be offered a spot at our school of choice soon.
  • In the pipeline – Get fit (again!), plan E’s upcoming birthday next month, reconnect with Dubai, revive my garden, practise Toddlercalm with Xan, daydream about this year’s family vacation, look-see for possible opportunities, experiment with more recipes, get involved with charity work.

As Hubby will be on course for the next three months, I will be holding the fort on weekdays. As such, please bear with me as I focus on raising my kids and finding a healthy balance for myself. Until the writing mood strikes again…XOXO


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