E’s 4th birthday – Work in progress

It’s March again and I’m back to wearing my party planner hat. We initially wanted to go somewhere nice for a weekend getaway to celebrate E’s 4th birthday but boy oh boy, he had something else in mind. I sugar-coated my suggestions – a fun-filled, junk food-allowed holiday or a trip to Kidzania – but he wasn’t sold at all. He wanted a “birthday party at home, just like mei-mei’s”. Specifically, a police-theme party. Yes, he has finally outgrown the farm animals craze after 3.5 years.

Ever since we got him this simple police vest that comes with a walkie talkie, handcuff, badge and whistle plus a cheap police hat from Daiso, he has been wearing them day and night. He would call us with the walkie talkie and say, “Hello mummy/daddy, are there any criminals in your house?” He’s totally police-obsessed!

Officer Ewan:


So I dragged my feet and put on my thinking cap. There’s no way I would invite so many energy-loaded kids into our tiny apartment. I could foresee myself turning into a mum-zilla even before the party begins. The mess, fingerprints and toys all over, spills, everything upside down – no no NO! Our apartment is completely out of the question. While I was ranting on and on about this predicament, a kind friend offered to help and book the multipurpose room of her apartment building. Free of charge! And just like that, we found our party venue. Thanks, Ai Queen.

I turned to Pinterest once again for inspirations. Right before we returned to Malaysia for our Chinese New Year break, I got Eza from Wishing Weekend to design and churn out the party accessories. As always, she was very accommodating and got everything out in time for me before we flew back. Did I mention her services are highly affordable too?

Party invite designed by Wishing Weekend:


I started “work” on the first week of March and got them done in 1.5 weeks’ time. Here’s a sneak preview of the overall party concept:

Party hats for little guests:


Night cityscape as the main backdrop:


Mugshot backdrop:


“Wanted” frame for photo booth:


Lollipop jail for the dessert table:


Target practice as one of the games:


“Find the baddies” game:


E is super excited about his upcoming party where eight of his friends are expected to turn up. He has been watching me like a hawk whenever I worked on his party stuff. On days when I wasn’t working on anything, he would ask “Mummy, why are you not doing my party things?” LOL

With one more week to the party, my checklist is almost completed. The food catering part is the most tedious thus far as we try to keep the costs to the minimum but even the simplest food is expensive here, unless we cook on our own which I can’t due to logistic issues. I’m meeting a potential home-based caterer tomorrow and hoping that everything can be finalized then. Next is to pack the party favours and we are all set to party.

Stay tuned for pictures of the birthday party, which I’ll post as soon as time permits.


6 thoughts on “E’s 4th birthday – Work in progress

  1. Christina

    Beautiful and well planned as always! In seriously think u should turn this into business! Have lots of fun, ya! Thinking of u all the way here!

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