E’s 4th birthday – A coptastic bash!

We had a blast at E’s 4th birthday bash! Themed around his favourite community helper – police – we dressed up the party room in coordinating props and backdrops. Six of his friends came and shared our happiness for this celebration.

I had serious fun planning for his party. The look on his face when he walked into the party to discover everything police was simply priceless.

Here’s sharing some photos taken from the celebration:

I was up and running by 7am that Friday morning. The Husband stayed home with the kids while I set up the decor at the venue. My friend who helped to secure the venue sent her teenage son to give me a hand.


We created an obstacle for our guests by zigzagging the entrance with caution tape. To “up the security”, guests were required to “scan” their palm to enter.


Mugshot backdrop for photo opportunity, along with a target practice area for budding cops.



Little police props



The Husband doing a silly


A police-themed party isn’t complete without a crime scene. I have initially wanted to place a silhoutte outline of a man but the Husband thought it would be a little too morbid for a kid’s party. So we settled with “mati katak” instead 🙂


The dessert table





For games, we played “nab-the-baddies” ball search, musical statues and “pin-the-badge”. I didn’t expect to have so many winners in each game and didn’t prepare enough prizes to the disappointment of our little guests 😦


Birthday song singing and the customary family shot


For food, we served spaghetti bolognese, chicken skewers, mini pizzas, sausages, salad and fruits.


E’s police car cake baked by a friend


Party favours comprised mini donuts, copcorns, police hat, badge, toy car and mini magnifier.


Needless to say, the birthday boy was beyond happy and excited. That’s what matters most!


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