2015 family vacation – Location, location, location!

There are some things that get me very excited, one of which is planning for a holiday! I love discovering places, and researching for accommodations and things to do. The anticipation of what’s to come gets me all antsy in a positive way. As such, after we got married, the task of holiday planning went to me naturally, except for our honeymoon where the Husband did all the homework.

Sabah 2010
2010 – Sabah

Now that our base is in the Middle East where it’s closer to the European countries, we would like to explore that region as much as we can while we are still here. The Husband suggested visiting Scotland this year, a place with treasured memories from his schooling days. Having heard the vast natural beauty of Scotland, my response was an immediate “YES!”

Perth 2011
2011 – Perth, Australia

Why not Scotland now?
We got a Lonely Planet book and started our research. The more we dug, the more we realised that it isn’t a very suitable holiday destination for family with young kids – at least for our city kids that need constant stimulation of excitement. Here are the reasons:

1. Scotland is a great and wonderful place to do nature-related activities such as walking, hiking, camping, wildlife spotting etc. It would be the perfect place for the Husband and I to just do nothing, walk, talk and soak in the beauty. However, as much as we tried to incorporate one child-driven activity in the itinerary everyday, there’s nothing much we could find. We could only think of a farm stay and the Museum of Childhood in Edinburgh.

2. As Scotland is big, driving from a place to another takes at least 2-3 hours. Driving from Edinburgh to Isle of Skye – a key, must-visit place in Scotland – takes 5+ hours non-stop. We only have a maximum of 7 days to spare and this factor doesn’t allow us enough time to do much, considering that we need to spend another 5+ hours to drive down to our starting point. We figured that lots of time will be spent on the road, negotiating, pacifying and enduring the whines of “Are we there yet?”. That’s enough to make us stop our research.

After much contemplation, we decided that we will go to Scotland in a couple of years’ time when we can spend two weeks there and tour around in a caravan, stopping whenever we want. The kids should be able to appreciate such tranquility better by then.

Brisbane 2012
2012 – Brisbane, Australia

What’s a good holiday to us?
Our idea of a good holiday is spending quality time together in the countryside, doing activities that both adults and kids will enjoy. Both the Husband and I are not much of an island-goer too. A friend mentioned Peppa Pig World and my invisible mental lightbulb lit up. How about touring the countryside of UK instead? We visited London and a little bit of its outskirts in 2013 and loved it! This time around, we will do a road trip around the South West England instead. And what better reason when I have a cousin who lives in one of the cities there.

London 2013
2013 – London & Hampshire, UK

The Husband’s leave has been approved, the itinerary planned, the accommodations pinpointed. All we need to do next is to hire a car, book the accommodations and pray that there will be seats available in the flight we are aiming for. The vacation will comprise a good mix of theme park excitement, fun in the beach, frolicking in the woods, stars gazing and animals encounter.

Denmark 2014
2014 – Denmark

As you can probably guess, I’m excited. The kids don’t know yet. I’m planning to make a book of travel itinerary and surprise them with it soon. Stay tuned as I share our itinerary after the holiday.

Woot woot…we are going on a holiday! 😀


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