Ewan turns 5!

E’s big day finally came and went! As you have probably read in my previous post, we convinced him to forgo a party this year and in return, we would show him a good time. The promise was kept.

Here’s how we gave him a very special 5th birthday:


Three days before his actual birthday – which fell on a Saturday this year – he had a small in-class celebration. He brought some homemade fireman-themed chocolate cupcakes (recipe in next post) to school that day and distributed them to his classmates and teachers. As a favour, each of his friends received a Fire Chief badge with their names on it.



P3180097We also began the countdown from Day 17. By Day 9, he took charge of the board and rewrote the number every morning. He kept reminding me to change the wordings to “Ewan is 5 today!” on his birthday.


A day before his birthday, we made our way to Hilton Abu Dhabi for a weekend getaway. We chose to stay there as the hotel had nice pool facilities and a private beach. We were thrilled to be upgraded to the Executive floor. The kids had great fun in the pool and beach.



As per E’s request, we had buffet dinner in the hotel that evening. As soon as we finished our dinner, the Husband brought E for a walk while Xan and I went back to the room to prepare for the surprise.

10426279_10153024795924724_7376222668129924937_n11069265_10153024796069724_821216505385500910_nWe pumped up the balloons, set up the table with fireman-themed decor, and brought out the cake. We laid out the presents, props and party ware. I added some fire engine and police car toys for the extra ‘wow’ effect.


As soon as the birthday boy came back to the room, we covered his eyes and had him change into his fireman pyjamas. He waited in the bathroom while we put on our fireman hats, funny bow and glasses, and got ready with our party horns. As soon as he walked out from the bathroom and saw us, we roared “SURPRISEEEEE!”

150772_10153024796469724_322530242635868679_nHe was amazed to see the instant room makeover and what was awaiting him. Grinning from cheek to cheek, he said, “When did you bring all these here, Mummy?” Little did he know that these stuff were in a plastic bag all the while. We lit up the special sparkly candle and sang him a birthday song.


After taking some group selfies, the birthday boy decided to open his presents first. The Husband got him a Lego forest police set, I got him a Lego Creator 3-in-1 set while Xan got him two fireman-related books. We also made him a specially embroidered “Super Duper 5” shirt. He later told us he liked the Lego police present the best!


The next morning, he woke up to this message on the bathroom mirror.

10847832_10153024812099724_5159067199532380826_nIt was made even more meaningful now that he can read on his own. He wore his special birthday shirt and we had breakfast at the hotel’s buffet place.


I gathered a plate of his choice of food and lit a candle for him to blow. The guests seated in the next table stared and laughed at this gesture!


After another round of water play, we got ready to go home. We tied two balloons to the car. The chalk markers were put to good use again when we scribbled “HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY! HONK FOR EWAN” on the rear window. Surprisingly, some drivers joined in the fun and honked at us. It was embarrassing at first but fun in good spirit! We told Ewan to look out for the sound of car honking as it meant that someone was wishing him. Days after his birthday, he still thought that someone was wishing him whenever he heard the sound of a car honking.


We arrived home in the afternoon and had his height taken on the measurement chart. He has grown 2cm since four months ago.


As we were still tired from the trip, we ordered takeaway dinner from a Thai restaurant. As soon as I spread the table runner, E asked, “Are we having a special dinner today?” He knew it was only used for special occasions. We lit up a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” tea candles on the table, used special kitchen ware and served special juice.


He was also given a pretty glass bowl to eat from as I said to him, “Because you’re 5 now!” 


That was a wrap for E’s 5th birthday. Before he fell asleep that night, he was still smiling and told us, “Best birthday ever!”  It was well worth the effort ❤


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