Lil’ Miso – Week 4 to Week 8

The journey begins. We gave fate two months and two months were all that was needed to affirm our destiny that we are indeed fated to be parents of three children. We are very blessed, there’s no doubt about that.

Let’s call baby Lil’ Miso. You’ll know why in the next post.

Week 4
* We spent Week 4 in Tokyo. As tempting as the sushi and sashimi looked, I could only see and salivate but not enjoy them. Okay, I cheated a little. Only one teeny tiny slice of salmon sashimi. I went all the way to Japan, how could I missed not tasting it at all?
* No symptoms detected. All was good. No increase in appetite or lack of energy. I could walk on and on for hours with no problem.

Week 5
* Home sweet home! We were all so tired from the constant walking in Tokyo that we fell asleep for 5 hours plus on the flight back to Dubai.
* I felt twitches in the abdomen area every now and then but they weren’t uncomfortable.
* Everything went on as usual. It was so A-okay I suddenly began doubting the positive test. Maybe I’m not pregnant after all?
* I began my research on the recommended obgyn in Dubai. The Husband explored which clinic/hospital our insurance covers. From what I read, the most pro-natural hospital with waterbirth facility and midwife-led team is Al-Zahra. The best part was, it’s only 10 minutes away from our place. And our insurance covers it too!
* Heard lots of good stuff about Dr Anni Engberg and decided to make my first appointment with her, scheduled 2.5 weeks later. I didn’t want to go in too early. From past experiences, they would not usually be able to see anything with the belly ultrasound and I really wanted to avoid the uncomfortable, transvaginal one. Plus, by then, we should be able to detect baby’s heartbeat already.

Week 6
* The week where things changed. Nausea set in. The smell of garlic turned me off but alas, I still had to cook. Overnight food worsened the nausea. Also the scent from my own apartment.
* I felt queasy especially in the mornings and afternoons, like my tummy was upside down. Restless in the evenings.
* Bought some candied ginger from the nearby organic shop. Read that it would help. It didn’t.
* Very sensitive breasts. Bloated tummy too, as if I was already 3 months along. Xan spotted the bump when we took a shower together and immediately decided there was a baby inside. I haven’t broke the news to them yet her instincts seemed so strong about it. She was very sure that it’s a ‘baby brother’
* Mashed potatoes and orange juice soothed me – both of which were not fancied among the Husband and kids in the household.
* A huge dip in my energy levels. I couldn’t keep my eyes open in the daytime and could nap up to 3 hours at one go. That could only happen on the Husband’s off days.
* The weights I usually carry in the gym suddenly seemed so heavy. Weird. Had to cut down my workout frequency from three times to twice a week. Yoga + gym.

Week 7
* The need to throw up increased. I didn’t. I’m holding it back. Because I know that once it begins, it won’t stop. Well, at least I could keep my food down!
* Felt blessed that despite the nausea and queasiness, I could sleep through the night. With Xan, I remember waking up at 3am everyday during the first trimester to eat.
* I felt better after a nap. I tried taking one everyday, even if it was just 30 minutes.
* Broke the news to E. He took it very well, said he wanted a baby brother too. Without being prompted, he came over to my tummy and kissed it. He took some raisins and asked me to eat it, “it’s for Baby”


Week 8
* Eat, sleep, eat, sleep – that’s practically what I felt like doing all day long. I felt hungry almost every hour. Dared not weigh myself at all; I was in huge denial.
* I discovered the magic to relieving the day-long nausea – fresh air and exercise! Being outdoors amidst well-ventilated air made me feel like myself again. Working out in the gym – 15 minutes on the bike and 30 minutes weight training – alleviate the constant indigestion, restlessness and nausea.


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