Pregnant in Dubai – My first obgyn visit

A month after discovering double lines in my home pregnancy test, the day finally came to meet Lil’ Miso and my obgyn. I was 8 weeks 4 days along and have been looking forward to this day.

After attending E’s and Xan’s school assembly in conjunction with the UAE National Day celebration, I made my way to Marina Walk and reached the clinic 40 minutes early. I wasn’t sure of the place and wanted to be on time. The Husband couldn’t come along as he was on night shift the day before and had to sleep in for work the following night.

This was my first pregnancy in Dubai, I’ve never seen an obgyn here prior to this and had no idea what to expect. Shortly after I checked in, an elderly lady in white coat approached, trying to pronounce my name. It was the first time I met Dr Anni Engberg, an obgyn whom came highly recommended by mums in the Natural UAE Group. I wanted someone who is experienced, pro-natural in terms of respecting birth wishes yet knowing when’s best to act, puts in a personal human touch when dealing with patients and preferably delivers in my preferred hospital. Most of all, he/she needs to believe in the body’s natural ability to birth a baby and intervene only when necessary. At the same time, someone who isn’t so popular with long waitlist and queuing time. Quality is always compromised that way.

Dr Anni ticked all the boxes. She’s like the Dr Choong KH of UAE – very experienced, friendly, easy to talk to and open to ideas. I’ve heard about the extra mile she has gone for mums under her care and was really impressed.

Dr Anni is a Danish, I believe (judging based on where she received her accreditation). She walked me into her consultation room and the check-up began. I gave her a quick background about my pregnancy histories, and off I went to the bed for an ultrasound. The nurse initially asked me to take off my pants for an intravaginal ultrasound but I declined and requested for the belly scan instead. I held my pee and made sure my bladder was full for this purpose.

My oh my, their machine was so high-tech that it generated 3D images and printed a few coloured photos for me at one go. For the grand start, Dr Anni began by saying “There were two embryoes here prior to this. Did you have any bleeding?”

No I didn’t.

Wait a second. Two?! What two?! I beg your pardon? My heart dropped. Keep calm, Joey. BREATHE.

Then Dr Anni went on and described where Miso was, “There’s the heartbeat, all looking good, about 1.3cm and it looks like you’re 7 weeks 4 days instead.” Oh? Then I know when Miso was conceived ;P

Trying to sound relaxed, I summoned up the courage to ask “Why did you say there were two embryoes?”

She continued to scan and showed me the two sacs in my womb but only one has a tenant inside. I squinted my eyes to check, to be sure that there’s indeed one only. Imagine the Husband’s reaction if he were here with me LOL! What happened was two eggs got fertilised but only one made it through. He would have fainted, I assure you.

I could see Lil’ Miso dancing inside the sac and the heartbeat moving a steady rhythm. Despite being a mum to two children already, seeing each baby on the ultrasound for the first time continues to be life-changing. Lil’ Miso never felt more real than ever! I’m going to be a mum of 3 😀

Now here’s the second shocker…the bill. Although we could claim from the insurance, the charges were still an eye-opener. Guess how much did this visit cost us?


Consultation fee – AED530 (approximately RM615)
Ultrasound charge – AED875 (approximately RM1,000)

Did you just choke?




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