Lil’ Miso – Week 9 to Week 12

Week 9
* The queasiness and lethargy continued.
* The thought of cooking turned me off. For a moment there, I thought I would never been interested in cooking ever again. Greatest wish was to have freshly cooked food served to me every meal. The sight of overnight food in the fridge irritated me to the max.
Week 10
* Wished I could rest and sleep longer. Wished I didn’t have to lift a finger. But it was the busiest week in December, with my sister and her family visiting, upcoming class parties, school concerts and planned charity project. Playing tour guide, doing school pick ups/drop offs and cooking for a large group of people all at one go took a toll on me.
* I don’t know what else happened because I was THAT busy (and exhausted).
Week 11
* Amidst the chaos, I managed to squeeze in a job interview too, which I didn’t really cared about the outcome after that.
* I wore myself out, evident from the photos taken by my sister.
* Fell sick big time, with strep throat. What began with really bad and dry throat turned into fever and lack of energy all over. I consulted a doctor, knew what was wrong yet was hanging on to the hope that my body would fight the infection on its own without medication. It was one of the lowest points of my year, feeling helpless and resentful.
* I couldn’t get out of bed for 4 days, gave in and after assurance from GP, pharmacist and my own obgyn, I took a five-day course of Cefuroxime. Actually I cut it short to 3 days because the guilt of harming baby was too much to take.
Vomited with no warning one morning. It was a mix of the cold and morning sickness.
iath week 12
Week 12
* The antibiotic took 3 days to take effect. I gradually began to feel like myself again though still coughing, sneezing and groggy.
* Morning sickness seemed to subside too. I dare not celebrate too soon yet.
* I knew I was back to myself again when I woke up one morning with the motivation to continue on my attempt to make onde-onde, from my last attempt a few months ago.
* Went back to gym after a 3-week hiatus.

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