OMG! Serious ah?

The reactions we got with every pregnancy differed. So much so I felt it was worth documenting for the humour in it:

  • With the first child – A big, no doubt “CONGRATULATIONS!!”
  • With the second child – “Congratulations! Hoping for a girl/boy?”‘
  • With the third child – A big, no doubt “OMG!” or “Serious ah? Eh, don’t joke leh” followed by a worried “Accidental or planned one?”

For the record, especially for Lil’ Miso’s when he/she chances upon this post in the future: “You were not accidental. You were planned but very much so unexpected, we didn’t think we would be this lucky. We couldn’t have wanted you more.”

Breaking the News
The Husband did not know about Lil’ Miso until three days after I got the positive pregnancy test, mainly because I wanted to wait until his birthday. Why Lil’ Miso? To avoid suspicion, I placed the test kit in a miso soup box, wrapped it up with a fancy paper and presented it to him on the eve of his birthday in Tokyo, after the kids had gone to bed.

His reaction? Surprised and happy. No “OMG!” but more of “Really?” with a big grin. Definitely calmer than me :

12195942_10153583597166140_492924419438632851_nFor privacy, we only told some close friends at the beginning. My second sister got the honour of a first-hand news. She’s a time-tested, good secret keeper. My parents and in-law knew weeks later.

We kept the pregnancy news to ourselves until the New Year, at week 14, when I announced it in my Instagram via a video I took of the Husband’s instant reaction when presented with the ‘gift’.

Because my bump looked more like couch belly at this point of time, many friends whom I met were still unaware and thought I have just grown fat. Just two days ago, an acquaintance in school gathered the courage to ask if I’m pregnant. Won’t be able to keep this under wraps for long anymore now… 🙂


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