Lil’ Miso – Week 13 to Week 16

Week 13
* Okay I take back my word. Morning sickness is still here! Vomited my breakfast this morning. The taste of salmon oil capsule regurgitating in my throat was awful. Ewwww…
* Sleep, wake up, eat, nap, eat – I like this lifestyle. The couch has become my nausea retreat.
* Felt my first official twitch from baby too! Hello back, baby!
Week 14
* My cough from the nasty cold a few weeks ago didn’t really go away. It wasn’t actually a cough, more like an allergy to something. I coughed whenever I was home. Not so much outside. The kind of cough that made me want to vomit.
* This week was spent feeling like I was going to vomit all the time. Like I couldn’t keep my food down. I vomited nothing much out for three times one of those days.
* The vomiting gets worse each time after my gym workout the next day. The Husband said I should take it easier. Maybe my body couldn’t take it. But if I were to lighten the routine, it would be as good as not doing.
* Bought baby’s first possession! The best thing about working for a baby store is knowing the latest products in town yet the worse thing is joining in the purchase when I got the first-hand promotion news. But we were luckier; I went to the secondhand site Dubizzle, searched for the similar item and voila, someone was selling theirs! At 90% off the normal price. Just a little stain on our Beaba Up & Down Bouncer. Nothing the Husband can’t handle.
* Miso is most active when I relax on the couch in the evenings. Once in a while, he/she would even respond to my touch.
Week 15
* Miso is a very blessed baby because every time I set my eyes on a certain baby product, it would miraculously appear on the preloved site. Second time lucky, we got a very good condition Doona at half the retail price!
* The key thing about this pregnancy is, “take it easy and don’t overwork myself” This makes me rather relaxed about many things. For the upcoming CNY, I decided to take a step back this year and skip the festive sharing celebration with E’s and Xan’s class.
* Okay, I did summon up some energy to make Monkey cookies with Xan and tried out some other new recipes.
Week 16
* I parted with my Honda Jazz of two years. After weeks of shopping for a car that’s affordable and can fit three car seats in a row, we finally settled on a Mitsubishi Pajero. The deal was too good to miss. Why? I’ll share in another post.
* The Dubai Shopping Festival Sale is on and I’m so itching to stock up on some rompers for Miso. I did not because after looking at the unisex designs, I still felt that the gender-oriented clothes are cuter.
* Miso’s movements became more prominent, especially in the evenings. The other day before falling asleep, we ‘talked’. I asked Miso to kick once if he’s a boy, twice if she’s a girl. Guess how many times Miso kick? 🙂

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