Lil’ Miso – Week 17 to Week 20

Week 17
* The week where the belly goes from just-a-heavy-lunch to it’s-a-baby-bump! Even E and Xan kept commenting how my tummy has grown suddenly. Friends, whom have been suspicious but too cautious to ask, finally reacted with a “OMG!” Okay, some “Congratulations!” but with an expression itching to ask “Was it accidental?”
* I began to feel more normal, more energetic though there were still occasional bouts of nausea especially if I were a bit slow in filling my hungry stomach.
* More kicks, more flutters, more knocks from Miso. He/she seems to know when I’m just sitting down and doing nothing.

Week 18
* We are back in Malaysia for CNY. The trip didn’t go exactly how I wanted it to be but alas, I fulfilled my role, ate what I wanted to and flew back with a fresh piece of mind that from then on, I would focus on nothing but growing Miso, and spending time with the Husband, E and Xan. Nothing else.
* Because I will be DIY-ing my own confinement (actually, there won’t even be a confinement), I took the opportunity to buy some herbs, essential supplements and baby diapers from Malaysia. I’m grateful that my friend Sam helped me out in this. I would have been really clueless otherwise.
* While we were in Malacca, we also did the required antenatal blood test. Because my health insurance in Dubai only covers up to a certain amount and such test could cost about 10 times more than in Malaysia, my obgyn kindly gave the go-ahead to get it done elsewhere. We saw Dr Tan Nugroho Cipto at Oriental Straits Medical Centre, who swiftly helped me with what was required. We got ultrasound photos of Miso too. I am pretty impressed with the efficiency and customer service of that hospital.

Week 19
* Xan napped on my lap during our flight back. Sensing something brushing against the belly, Miso began playing knock-knock.
* It was time for my prenatal check-up with Dr Anni and this time, we had the detailed scan. Miso moved a lot throughout the scan. All seemed great and healthy, according to Dr Anni. “Good baby!” she said.
* Weird thing was, my EDD kept changing between early and mid July. I’ll just stick to the calculation based on my LMP.

Week 20

* The week when everyone REALLY noticed that I’m pregnant. Congratulatory wishes started pouring in from Xan’s and E’s friends’ mums and teachers whom never noticed the bump all these while. The great thing about living in such multicultural place is, most people thought the bump is just a heavy meal or a result of stationary lifestyle because I’m small in frame. If I were in Malaysia, my pregnancy would have been noticed probably a month ago 😀
* Started browsing through my Hypnobirthing book. Miso and I invented a new prebirth bonding game. Now that my issues are behind me, I began putting in more effort in talking to Miso.
* The hunt for a prenatal exercise class that isn’t too intensive nor relaxing begins. I really need to get active for an easier birth. I have been working out in the gym 1-2 times a week prior to this, but somehow I felt that the outdoor activity level could be increased. My first stop was Urban Energy Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness class held at a park nearby where I live. It’s like circuit training but on a milder manner suitable for expectant mums. I was sore all over the next day. Next to try is Prenatal Yoga or Pilates.



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