Lil’ Miso – Week 29 to Week 32

Week 29
* After all the major events came and went – CNY, E’s birthday and International Day – I took the opportunity to rest and relax.
* Miso’s movements in the belly became even more pronounced. I felt like I have known him/her forever. He will be the first to wake me up in the morning, and last to say good night before I retire for the day.
* So glad I managed to capture his/her amazing movements on video!

Week 30
* We flew off to Malaysia for a week’s getaway. Well, I wanted to be part of my company’s anniversary event too. My third time flying in this pregnancy.
* I managed to skip going through those airport metal detectors throughout both ways.
* Despite flying Business Class while the Husband and kids were in Economy, Miso seemed aware of the change in surroundings and moved a lot throughout the flight although I got to lie down.
* We went for a one night’s stay at The Shorea, Seremban. The trip made me realised how much we have missed being close to nature. The environment was so relaxing. Looking out at the view from the Villa we stayed in, I visualised and recorded it in my brain as a calming scenery for our birthing day.
* This wasn’t planned but we decided to go for a last-minute maternity shoot while in Malaysia. Both E and Xan had theirs taken – and although I was saving up for the actual day birth photography – I couldn’t resist the temptation of having these memories embedded in Miso’s baby photobook. It was booked and done in less than 24 hours. I will share the photos once they are ready.
* I binged and ate out all the time while in Malaysia. And I realised one thing – it’s rather hard to maintain a healthy diet there. Needless to say, I gained quite a bit of weight by the time we got back.

Week 31
* It’s amazing how a getaway can do to the mind. I was going on and on in circles regarding my birth photographer and doula search but as soon as I came back, everything became clearer. This was the week where things started to fall into place.
* The birth photographer hunt didn’t fall through again due to lack of commitment from the one I initially thought has been finalised. Others I have found were either not available during my birthing time, too expensive, or did not understand the beauty of physiological birth. I figured that everything happens for a reason and I should go with the flow. So I made an unofficial deal with one of the more committed and accommodating photographer – that we will play by ear when my birthing day comes. If she’s available, great. If she’s not, it’s meant to be. No on-call, no strings attached. This arrangement seems to go down better.
* About my doula, I’ll tell more later but let’s just say everything is falling into place nicely.
* Got a preloved play gym for Miso. A nice and very new one.

Week 32
* Eight more weeks to go! We are almost there. Miso’s clothes, diapers, carseat-stroller, bathing essentials are all ready. I’ll just need to give them a good wash and we will be ready to welcome Miso.
* Came back from Malaysia with a care pack – a gift from dear Nancy comprising Sophie the Giraffe, Mustela skincare, a mocassin and a Bio-Oil stretch mark oil. Also some gorgeous onesies from my sister. Not to forget, a brand new Stokke Tripp Trapp chair for Miso from my company. We are so blessed.



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