Lil’ Miso – Week 33 to Week 36

Week 33
* I began reading up Tracy Hogg’s Baby Whisperer. Her method of E.A.S.Y routine sync with our parenting style – and since we were always very relaxed with sleep training for both kids – we decided to give this method a go with the hope that Miso can get into a routine from the beginning which will ease the day-night sleep transition.
* We decided to get a small crib for Miso, and I found a preloved Chicco Lullago in great condition at a good price.
* We went to Ikea and got Miso and a chest of drawers to store the clothes. Daddy got busy assembling the furniture.
* Birth plan is done and presented to my obgyn. All set to go.
* I’ve begun the preparation by washing Miso’s beddings.
* We had an early birthday celebration at home with friends, all thanks to the Husband for organising and the children for helping out.
* Miso is getting really strong in there, kicking and moving at predictable times of the day. Sometimes it felt as if he was trying to lift himself from one position to another, with swift movements and quick vibration felt. With a calm assurance, he usually tones down after that.

Week 34
* The week when I experienced an early labour scare. For a few days in a row, I had period-pain like cramps, constant practice surges every 20-30 minutes throughout the day and 3-4 times of bowel movements in a day. I was also exhausted. This was exactly what I had on the day Xan was born.
* We panicked and kept telling Miso it isn’t time yet. I went into the hibernation mode for the next few days and thankfully, all these signs went away.
* The experience was a wake-up call for me to slow down and take it easy.

image1Week 35
* After the early labour scare, I went into a frenzied mode of getting everything ready. I washed Miso’s clothes, got the wardrobe organised, did some last-minute spring cleaning of things I have always wanted to tidy up and get rid of.
* Also finally brought the kids to buy a gift for Miso each and when they were in school that week, I secretly went shopping for gifts for them on behalf of Miso too.
* The Husband kept reminding me to pack my hospital bag. Amidst the frenzy, I was still reluctant to do so. The procrastination was strong – either because deep inside, I knew I still had some time and partly because I was exhausted.
* It was a week of many playdates for the kids too. The school term was coming to an end and I wanted the kids to connect with their friends as much as they wanted before everyone leaves for the summer holiday.

Week 36
* Another event-changing occurrence when I found out from my doula that my current obgyn is no longer delivering in my hospital of choice. Attempts to reach my doctor proved futile. We made our way to the hospital and spoke with the Head of Midwives to confirm the news.
* My hospital of choice was the only one with waterbirth and Hypnobirth facilities. The midwife team was very pro gentle birth and I liked the overall practice and environment of the hospital. Thus the search for another obgyn began, at 36 weeks!
* Thank goodness we switched doula. Otherwise we wouldn’t have known this news until my next appointment with Dr Anni, scheduled on Week 37. And thank goodness my doula had first-hand news and was well-versed with the whats and what-nots of birthing scene in Dubai. She quickly recommended several obgyns who might fit my criteria (hands-off, respect birthing wishes, believe in women’s natural ability to birth without interventions, doula-friendly). I did some quick research and decided to make an appointment to see Dr Salma.
* I met with Dr Salma, with fingers crossed that she would take me in at such late stage of pregnancy. She did, but was upfront about her leaving several days after my EDD – hence if I do go overdue, I will be attended by any doctor on duty. She also reminded me that she doesn’t do much during labour and birth – exactly what I wanted.
* Finally summoned up the motivation to pack my hospital bag. We are all ready to rock ‘n roll!  image3


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