The project begins…

The first month
My body got a shock and went into a protest. There were movements in my womb, my energy levels dropped and I felt nauseous at one point. I was suddenly more sensitive to smell and all little discomforts/abnormalities felt were closely linked to the possibility of a pregnancy. I couldn’t do my usual workout routine too as the body was not receptive to it and kept sending signals of “Too much, way too much. Please stop it now!”. I was very convinced that we got lucky the first time around. I told the Husband, “your swimmers are very powerful” and we joked about “Ini kalilah!”

Then, my period came. A day before it was due. Was I disappointed? Yes. More ready than ever? Yes! The failed first attempt further convinced the Husband and I that we are more than ready to add another baby to our family of 4 now.

The second month
E was conceived 6 months after we tried to conceive, Xan was almost immediate. For both experiences, it only happened when I stopped fretting about it and let nature took its course. Bouts of extreme moodiness followed throughout the month. I was so sensitive that I cried while watching a Youtube advert video. The hormones were raging at its peak; I even tried to pick a fight with a man twice my size – all because his car blocked my way for less than 3 minutes. I don’t usually do that, it wasn’t me.

I had to take a nap every now and then too but it didn’t raise any suspicion as my energy levels already plummeted during the first month. Maybe I did overwork in the gym. Yes, my breasts hurt once in a while but that’s just a symptom of impending menses like every other month. Truth to be told, because the first month’s symptoms were 10 times more prominent and stronger, I didn’t suspect anything at all.

Then the day my period was due came and went. Nothing. So was Day 2. I didn’t want to get overexcited this time around, unlike the first month when I tested twice before my period was due and got hugely disappointed after that. I reasoned that if I were indeed pregnant, I would need to adjust some daily routines (ie. intensity of physical workouts, food intake, prenatal vitamins etc). Additionally, we were due to leave for Tokyo two days later for the Husband’s birthday vacation and I needed to find out if sashimi could still be on my must-eat list.

Hence, on Day 3 on 1st November 2o15, I decided to take a first-pee-in-the-morning test. Surprise of surprises….



Yes, we are third time lucky!


Pre-natal yoga in Petaling Jaya area

Here’s to share a summary of pre-natal yoga classes available around Petaling Jaya area:

Instructor: Jo
Class duration: 1 hour
Fees: RM35 for one-time walk-in; RM250 for 10 passes (no expiry)
Schedule: Tuesday 10.30am – 11.30am; Wednesday 7.00pm – 8.00pm; Saturday 2.30pm – 3.30pm
Address: C-1-9 Jalan PJU 1/45 Aman Suria
Contact: 016-202 7417

Remarks: This is probably the busiest yoga studio I have ever come across so far. They conduct many classes at the same time in different rooms. Occupying the second floor of a shoplot within the hectic business vicinity of Aman Suria, it is easily accessible with plenty of parking spots after working hours and on weekends. Don’t forget to bring some coins for meter parking. I was expecting noise of cars honking and smell of food cooking from nearby restaurants but surprisingly, this is not the case for this studio.

The pre-natal yoga instructor is a mother herself and very approachable. While I feel that the room is a little crowded to accommodate six expectant mums, the class itself was rejuvenating and energizing. It gave me a really good stretch and the much-needed workout from my sedentary lifestyle of working in an office all day long.

There is also a one-time RM30 registration fee.

Instructor: Z
Class duration: 1.5 hours
Fees: RM120 for 4 classes; RM220 for 8 classes
Schedule: Sunday 11.00am – 12.30pm
Address: D3A-9 Dana 1 Commercial Centre, Jalan PJU1A/46
Contact: 016-602 6368

Remarks: I attended Tre Yoga’s Iyengar yoga’s classes for three months before deciding that the class was getting a little too crowded for me (I was literally rubbing shoulders with people!) and switched to another studio. Getting there was a challenge for me as traffic tend to be rather congested after working hours. However, parking is a aplenty as the Dana 1 business centre is still relatively new. It comes with two exercise studios complete with full-size mirrors.

Overall, I like both Carol’s and Z’s (can’t remember her full name) teachings as their instructions were clear and precise. Iyengar yoga uses supporting props such as ropes, blocks, blankets, chairs and belts to achieve the right postures and poses. However, I have yet to try out their pre-natal yoga classes.

Instructor: Ninie
Class duration: 1 hour 15 minutes
Fees: RM50 for single drop-in; RM150 for 4 classes (validity: 1 month)
Schedule: Saturday 4.00pm – 5.15pm
Address: Bungaraya Complex, Persiaran Golf, Saujana Resort
Contact: 019-345 7600

Remarks: I first joined the yin yoga classes here and absolutely loved it. The instructor (can’t remember her name again) is a German lady who has a naturally soothing aura that calms those whom she teaches. I once fell asleep in her class – that’s how relaxing it was! Yin yoga focuses a lot on the lower half of our bodies and is said to increase fertility. I reckon that it probably helped me conceive too.

I switched to their pre-natal yoga upon discovery of my pregnancy. The instructor is Ninie, a very petite Malay lady who owns the studio and is also a strong advocate of everything natural and organic. However, things didn’t work out for me there due to the consistency of classes. I lost the momentum of attending the class after having them cancelled for three consecutive weeks. Recently, they announced that the studio will be closed for the entire month! I opted to burn part of the fees I have paid for 😦 They should have a replacement teacher for days like that, instead of just calling it off. To me, staying fit requires commitment and regularity.

Instructor: Zoe
Class duration: 1 hour
Fees: RM300 for 10 classes
Schedule: Tuesday 11.45am – 12.45pm; Saturday 12.30pm – 1.30pm
Address: A-1-42A (1st Flr), Block A, Jln PJU 1/43, Aman Suria
Contact: 012-209 5464 / 012-576 5091

Remarks: I have never checked out nor attended any of Zea Yoga’s classes but only know more about their pre-natal class through email enquiry. There’s a first-time registration fee of RM30.

REVIEW: Pregnancy test kits

I have had the privilege of trying out two brands of pregnancy test kit recently.

How do they work?
These tests function by measuring the HcG level in our urine. A hormone that is produced by our body during pregnancy, it doubles approximately every two to three days. Hence, the longer you wait to test, the more accurate the result is. If your period is irregular, you may want to wait for the longest possible cycle to pass before peeing on the stick.

Here are my findings:


Urine stick with line indicators

How to use
Urinate on the tip, replace the cover and place it on a flat surface. Results can and should be read within five minutes.

► One line on window C only – test is working properly / not pregnant;
► Two lines on window C and window T – pregnant;
► The results remain on the display window for days after.

Price & Availability
RM12.90 each or RM24.90 for 2s at all Guardian pharmacies

► Affordable
► Ergonomic design for easier grip

► Absorbency of pee tip could be better. Results took up to three to four minutes to appear.
► Pee tip is thinner and smaller hence aiming your urine on it, without wetting the test windows, can be rather challenging and messy. Recommended to collect urine in a cup and dip stick in it.

As the absorbency of the pee stick was slow and did not seem to be reacting after two minutes’ wait, I tilted the kit vertically to assist the urine flow in being absorbed. Although it is claimed that the sensitivity is 99% accurate if tested from the day your period is due, this is rather questionable.


Urine stick with digital indicator display

How to use
Urinate on the tip, replace the cover and place it on a flat surface. Results (whether you’re pregnant or not) can be read within two minutes while the conception indicator results may take longer to appear – around 4 minutes.

► Hour glass symbol – Test is working properly
► Word indicators – “Pregnant” or “Not pregnant”
► Figure indicators – “1-2”, “2-3” and “3+” signify the approximate number of weeks since you conceived

The results remain on the display window for 24 hours before it turns off automatically (and permanently).

Price & Availability
RM28.90 each at most local pharmacies

► Easy to read – no guessing or interpreting lines. It’s either “Pregnant” or “Not pregnant”
► Wide tip allows urine stream to be collected more easily
► Tells you when your baby was actually made! (That’s if you keep track of the dates when those passionate moments took place)
► Ergonomic design for easier grip
► Can be used up to four days before period is due. In clinical testing with early pregnancy samples, 55% of women received a ‘Pregnant’ result 4 days early, 86% of women 3 days early, 97% of women two days early and 98% of women 1 day early.

► Painfully expensive – at more than double the compared brand
► Not environmentally friendly as it is not only bigger and made of plastic, but also contains a battery. Please dispose the battery separately.

If your period is constantly irregular and you have the budget to splurge, go for this! It’s easy to use and more assuring. I somehow find that seeing the word “Pregnant” is more elating compared to two lines. Yes, I’m sucker for marketing gimmicks 🙂

If you have been getting unsure, faint-line results, the probability of pregnancy is high. To be really sure (and in some cases, revive from denial), you may want to invest in the ClearBlue Digital kit. Otherwise, a regular test kit will do, especially if you are already experiencing strong symptoms of pregnancy. Like my sister said – “You might as well use the money spent for home test kits to see a gynae and confirm it for real through ultrasound!”

Diary of a wimpy mom – Finale

25 March
It was a faint line four days ago right? Let’s try and get a prominent line today! I have saved my pee for this moment.

Urgh, what IS wrong with Guardian test kit? I have peed so much on it yet the urine doesn’t get absorbed after two minutes. Maybe I should tilt it, yes vertically like that. But the leaflet said I shouldn’t. Another faint line. This kit is a con job.

Okay, this may be the last time I’m going to be pregnant, so let’s invest in a really good pregnancy test kit! Ahhh…Clear Blue Digital kit….my precioussss!

The result:

"2-3" means there are 2-3 babies in there! LOL!

Hubby came down from a shower. I showed the kit to him. He exclaimed, “Congratulations to us!”

First gynae check-up this Wednesday. Can’t wait.

27 March
Tantrum alert, tantrum alert! Very upset toddler on the move! E was unexplainably upset since he woke up this morning. He wanted to sit in the potty and read and play puzzles. He refused his breakfast. I was not allowed to move a centimetre further from him. If he has a glue, I swear he would stick us together permanently. He kept crying and crying and crying – just plain upset – even after we reached his daycare. I left for work with a heavy heart, listening to his wails as I walked to the car 😦 Maybe he could really sense it. But he was the one who wanted a didi or meimei, wasn’t he?

Note: Drafted on 27 March 2012

Diary of a wimpy mom – Part #3

22 March
This can’t be real. Let’s not jinx it but except the uncomfortable hunger pangs and bloated feeling, everything else feels really normal. It wasn’t like that with E. The only person who knows now is my second sister. I need guidance if this is true. I’m feeling more stressed than excited. Can we manage financially? Will I get to birth at my own pace? Will the hospital have a room for me to sleep in after delivery? It’s Dragon year, for goodness sake!

And “Terrific” Two seems to begin on the dot! E has been so clingy and whiny all day long. Odee too – except that it’s “Fantastic” Five for him as he barked for no reason, messed up our clean clothes and peed at the non-designated areas. Could it be that my hairkid and furkid could sense the impending arrival of a new family member?

23 March
Googling up “How to tell your boss you’re pregnant”. No, make it “How to tell your boss you’re pregnant after only four months with the company”. Shucks! *bangs head*

OMG I’m supposed to strut down the aisle for one of my besties’ engagement ceremony end of April. I’m supposed to look dainty and lovely in a saree. How now, brown cow? Will she still want me? But the saree is too pretty 😦

OMG Another of my buddy is getting married in Nov and that’s when baby will be due – if this pregnancy is real. OMG I have confirmed that we will be attending…

The occasional mild queasiness doesn’t seem believable too. Okay, no more torturing myself with never-ending questions anymore. I’m calling Dr Choong’s clinic to schedule an appointment.

24 March
It’s E’s par-tayyyy day! Looking normal, feeling fabulous! In case anyone suspects, I better dress normally too: blouse, shorts and wedges.

Oh that’s my heavily pregnant eldest sis! Maybe I shouldn’t go near her, she can probably sense the pregnancy vibes and let the cat out of the bag.

Nobody should know this. Nobody is allowed to know until it’s confirmed. We don’t even know if it’s a viable pregnancy yet. Okay, maybe the mom of Zhe Shuen – E’s friend from daycare – can know. She was talking about this really good confinement lady she has previously engaged. Not just good, but really really good – as she signed the thumbs up passionately! I have to grab the contact. It’s Dragon year, for goodness sake! Who knows, all the quality confinement ladies may all been booked up for even babies that are not conceived yet! *Kiasu radar alert*

Uhmm, why is she hugging me? I only said, “I MAY be pregnant!”

Okay SERIOUSLY, nobody else should know after this until at least we get a confirmation from the doctor. NOBODY, I mean NOBODY!

Well…maybe we can make an exception for my father-in-law since he’s in town. He’s after all, the baby’s grandpa, IF there’s a baby. I shouldn’t be deprived of his instant reaction. Right? Right!

During dinner
Me: *Typed “Tell your dad we’re expecting, I want to see his reaction. Tell him not to tell others yet” on my iPhone and passed it to Hubby*
Hubby: Really? Now?
Me: *nod*

Two minutes later (and reluctantly)
Hubby: Pa, we may be expecting.
FIL: Mmmm.
Hubby: But not confirmed yet.
FIL: 121212 baby?
Hubby: No lar, maybe November but don’t tell first.

Ishk, I was expecting a “Really? I’m going to have another grandchild? OMG!” followed by a chicken dance. No luck.

~ To be continued ~