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Thank you for reading my blog. If you wish to contact me, kindly email me below. I will get back to you soon.


27 thoughts on “Contact Me

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  3. Jessica

    Hi Joey,

    I enjoy reading your blog especially your labour process. I’m 32, married for 2 years & planning to have a bb this year.

    I’ve been postponing my bb plans because I always feel I’m not ready yet & I’m used to my happy carefree life. Plus i’m scared big time with pain & episiotomy. But with my parents & relatives constantly nagging & scolding me, I guess it’s time to start planning for one.

    My friend recommended Dr. Choong as well. Said he is not the money minded type. Very patient. 
    I like that he actually stamped on your birth plan. So in the end dr Choong still performed episiotomy on you?

    I’m actually considering water birthing. I read it costs abt 6k for normal birth. If water birth could reduce the pain & no drugs & no episiotomy, I think I will go for it. 
    Can I have your advise?

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  6. Hi Joey, I’ve been reading our blog…found your blog thru mellomouse’s blog when you all’s sons had a play date 🙂
    I’m currently 4 months. Was pregnant last year but ended up with molar pregnancy (had to go for D&C) and was not allowed to try for at least 6 mths so i stopped reading your blog. Now I found out most are password protected…
    I need to join the “Follow IATH” if I wish to continue following the blog?
    Thanks for sharing your pregnancy journey.
    Have a nice day

  7. Hi! I haven’t visited your blog for awhile and suddenly I find that it’s all protected. I found your site some time ago when i was looking for reviews on milkbags and reusable diapers… hope everything’s well with you. Hope i would be allowed to follow your blog again. 🙂

    1. joeyllhow

      Oh no, I just realised I don’t have your email addy. Can’t find it in your blog too. Mind dropping me an email at joeyllhow [at] please?

  8. Mike H.

    Very good written info. I grasp that this site is mainly for women? My kids are of age 4 & 6 now. And my topics of interest would be preparation to Chinese primary n also daycare. Do let me know whether this blog is only cOnfined to women? I will understand.

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  10. sarah

    Hi Joey, i stumbled upon your blog whilst researching on gynaes and ive been hooked to your blog ever since!:) you write with real warmth and honesty and tell it as it is and i suppose that is what makes your blog such a joy to read. I have been married for a year plus now, residing in pj and am thinking of starting a family *hopefully* soon (fingers and toes crossed) but i am such a worry-wart and as such, i find your blog such an inspiration to me. I hope to be able to continue following your blog and better still if we can be friends some day:) take care.

  11. Dc

    Hi! I’m 7 months pregnant with my first bub. Was interested to read your birth stories as I’m preparing for mine as well. I totally agree that going all natural is the way to go and that being pregnant and birthing a child into this world should not be clinic. Possible to share your password? Would love to learn more… Thanks for blogging.

  12. poh imm

    Hi luanluan, read ur beautiful birth story true tban. Read thru ur old blog and reviews, and stories bout parenting. Do share the password. thanks.

  13. little star

    Hi.i wanna gv a try at bangsar chiroprctic. i can see that u already tried it.if u dont mind, i really2 want to know about it :). Thanks

  14. Irene


    Chanced upon on perth blog.
    Can you share if you cooked for E’s meals during the trip or if food suitable for toddler is easily available?

    Am planning a trip in winter from jul-August ..

    Thanks in advance,

  15. Wan ling

    Hi I read your post on dr choong’s visit.
    Could you share what happened?
    I am looking for a bac supportive doctor. I am in Jb though. But I would really love to hear successful vbac with private doctors. Hope to find some wncouragemt to have a second one.
    Thanks in advance

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