Snippets About Me

A former Public Relations practitioner, parenting magazine editor and homebirther, I’m a full-time mum juggling a family of two wonderful kids and a part-time job in social media. I lived in Malaysia my entire life – except for two years in Melbourne, Australia where I furthered my studies – and in recent years, we moved to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

I’m a pure and proud Geminian, for there are always two sides to my character. I am emotional yet rational, impatient yet understanding, serious yet sensible, and stubborn yet tolerant.

Quick Snippets

  • I grew up living and believing the Disney dream, only to realise that there’s actually no happily-ever-after unless you work hard for it.
  • I fell from a bicycle more often than I have scored As in my studies.
  • I was an avid 100-metre champion sprinter back in school.
  • I came from a family of 5 siblings where being loud and outspoken was frowned upon.
  • I look like my Dad from my eyes up, and my Mom from the nose down.
  • I have a fetish for stepping on dried-up leaves. The cracking sound is orgasmic to me.
  • I will never eat fresh pineapples and intestines no matter what you say.
  • I make my husband follow me to the bathroom every time I need to pee in the middle of the night whenever we stay in a hotel.
  • I don’t laugh at jokes easily. Only certain wicked humour tickles me.
  • My lifetime dream is to retire in a homely farm cottage in New Zealand with my husband and kids. We will live simple, count on life’s little blessings and have many dogs, ducks, chickens, ponies, cows, sheep, birds etc.