February 2007

Posted on 26 February 2007:


I finally did it! After working for almost four (torturing) years, I finally bought a shopping vacation abroad for my mom. Well, not really abroad because it’s only Singapore but then again, it’s a country by itself too!   

You see…for my age, I have been pretty lucky when it comes to travelling. Since young, I have had the privilege of visiting many countries, thanks to my wonderful parents. My first flying experience was a trip to Langkawi on Pelangi Air when I was 7 years old – it was a big deal then. Then, as I did well in my exams, my parents brought me to Japan and US. It didn’t stop there. Although I was studying abroad in Melbourne during that time, the thick-skinned me convinced my parents to bring me along to Turkey & Greece. Then I boldly tagged along when they went to Spain, Portugal, Korea and Eastern Europe. The only downside was sharing a room with them – I had to endure a snoring orchestra between my dad and mom every night. In fact, it would be a miracle if they slept through the night without snoring at all. Now, their snoring has become a lullaby to me – I can no longer sleep if they don’t snore at night whenever I return to my hometown (yes, my parents still insist that I should sleep in their room each time I return).

My first-ever solo trip with mom was to Hong Kong around 12 years ago. We walked practically 10 hours non-stop doing what we enjoyed most: shopping and eating! We discovered the place on our own and the best part was hunting for stinky tofu on the busy streets of Hong Kong – with our nose! The vacation was so fun I could still remember it until now. I have been wanting to bring mom for a shopping trip ever since I started working but never really had the resources to. Mainly because I just didn’t want it to be an ordinary vacation. I wanted a real good one for mom: good hotel accommodation, nicely arranged transportation and well-planned schedule – all paid by me.

Alas, probably it was a last-minute decision, the trip to Singapore didn’t turn out as well as I expected in terms of arrangement. Mom had to put up with me at a budget hotel at God-knows-what-road and we traveled there via a coach instead of a plane. That aside, we enjoyed ourselves so much that mom wanted this to be an annual affair between us. For years, I have never seen mom so excited and energetic before. She ‘ransacked’ from boutiques to boutiques at Orchard Road with me for two days and never once said “I’m tired already”. For her age and knee problem, I must really salute her determination! In the end, she bought more clothes than me.

Oh ya, did I mention that my resolution for this year was to foster even better ties with my family?

P/S: I didn’t leave out dad for this trip because he’s not a shopping fanatic. I mean, which guy is?!


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