January 2008

Posted on 17 January 2008:

Thank God it’s Friday; so glad the weekend is finally here. The week has been crazy and tiring. First, it was the numerous times of walking to and fro Mandara Spa, located at least 500 metres from my office, in high heels and full suit for two consecutive days. By Tuesday evening, I couldn’t feel my toes anymore. Then, yoga on Wednesday evening made matters worse. Perhaps I pushed myself too far. But on top of them all is the new arrival of our small, fluffy, ultra-‘manja’ and mischievous puppy, Odie aka Monkey or Rascal (now known as Odee since 2009).


Yes, we’ve invited what some view as burden and trouble, into our peaceful home. Odie, a 10-week old adorable Maltese, was brought home on 10 January 2008. So far, he has been nothing but a mixture of joy and nuisance to us. He made us laugh with his funny antics – dragging the floor mat and running around the house, trying to get in and out of his kennel in his short legs, dozing off on our laps with his legs on the air, looking irresistibly ‘manja’ and helpless whenever I bathe him and obediently going to his designated ‘toilet’ to pee and poo. Not to forget the lunatic part of him – whining when he’s hungry, whining when he’s not hungry, whining to be let out, biting our toes, fighting with wires and inviting us to play when all we wanted to do is watch TV peacefully.

Although it has been only a week since Odie joined us, there are times when I pondered, “Was I out of my mind when I decided to get a dog?” I have always loved dogs, undoubtedly, but taking care of it is a completely different issue. Steve, on the other hand, has been very accommodating, patient and cooperative, although he has never had a dog as a pet before. I couldn’t be more grateful for this. Thanks a lot, Hunny!


Albeit it’s tough now and probably even tougher in months to come, I’m looking forward to much more fun experiences of love, patience and commitment with Odie.


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