March 2007

Posted on 15 March 2007:


I saw it coming but just wasn’t sure when or how. And it happened yesterday night.

Steve has been behaving unusually strange for the past two weeks. He has never been good at giving surprises, let alone keep it to himself. I could always ‘smell’ his tricky plans from 10 feet away and most of the time, I am right. The surprise would usually end with me laughing at the pouting him and say, “Man, I am the smartest girlfriend around!” Nevertheless, it was the effort he took while juggling with his hectic work schedule that made me melt.

What Raised My Suspicion? 

I knew he was up to something lately when he:

  1. Talked about diamonds like a jewellery expert – how many grades there are, what clarity means, the arrows and the hearts, how DeGem is the sister company of Tomei (to which I asked, “How come they didn’t name it ToGem instead?”) .
  2. Woke me up one morning to ask “What kind of wedding do you like?” and “Do you think it will be too crowded if we were to hold the banquet together for both families in Melaka?”
  3. Came back from work one night, rushed to me and said “What’s your favourite song?”. When I told him that it’s the famous Hokkien song from my parents’ generation (Su Su Diam Diam), he asked me to be serious and pestered for a real answer.
  4. Flipped through bridal magazines in MPH while I was browsing through some novels at the other end .
    SMS-ed me suddenly to say “Please keep your Thursday evening free” and refused to tell me what or where we are going to celebrate our one-year anniversary.

 As soon as he turned into Taman Mayang near my place last night, I knew we were going to Hyatt Regency Saujana Hotel. Bingo! He looked stunned. The hotel looks so much nicer at night or was it me who was in the romantic mood? He led me to Senja Restaurant, located near a lake and water fountain. I got a shock when I read the menu: RM54 for a plate of smoked duck breast as appetiser? I gestured the ‘so-expensive’ sign with my fingers to Steve and he grinned, “Once a year only la…”. OK, for the price they are charging, I am going to smuggle the plates, glasses, ashtray, candle, salt and pepper into my bag!

Then, champagne came without being ordered. Alcohol? We never fancied wines or alcoholic drinks and suddenly there’s a glass of champagne thrusted towards me? He was clearly fidgeting throughout the main course. I was already stuffed to my neck when he told the waitress to bring out ‘dessert’, while raising his eyebrow at her. Man, this is getting weird!

Then, our song “Everytime I Close My Eyes” by Babyface was played on the background, and a singer on the stage across announced, “Ladies & Gentlemen, tonight is a special occasion for the lovely couple over there. This song is specially dedicated to Ms Joey How”. A waitress brought out a bouquet of roses and another was carrying a tray of chocolate-made box and wait a minute, did I see the most beautiful diamond ring in it? Oh ya….

It turned out that the waiters and waitresses were his accomplices for the evening. No wonder one of them kept stealing smiles with me throughout the dinner! Steve grinned and received the flowers from the waitress, passed it to me and knelt down on one knee. I will never ever forget his words at that special moment, “I love you very much and I want to grow old with you… Will you marry me?” I was speechless and almost choked with tears of joy.

As we were getting ready to leave the restaurant, we saw a tortoise swam passed us in the lake. It’s a good sign, we believed.

So excited, we didn’t sleep a wink last night…


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